Friday, May 30, 2014

Lake Mohawk 8.2 mile challenge recap

So my legs has been up and down after Boston marathon, mostly down. So again I went in to a race with legs that felt really beige. Lake Mohawk is not an easy race with brutal rolling hills. No spots to rest and just run easy. So it kind of was a stupid idea to do this race.

Got a good warm up in, but a 5K race got the start delayed. And I ended up standing around the start line for 10 minutes just waiting. The first half mile is up hill, pretty step. I decided not to go with the five front runners as they were sprinting up the hill. I knew what was coming as I have done this race before and I figured I will track them down later. I was correct, at mile 2-3 I had cached 3 of them. The hills had eaten them alive. Still two runners to chase down. At mile 4 I cached the next one. I had a good pace and kept good effort over the hills. I manged the hills well and legs responded surprisingly well. The front runners was nowhere to be seen and I ended up running by myself for the last 4 miles. Always hard to pace yourself but I trusted my training and kept a good effort. last mile was brutal, mostly up hill. I knew I was going to finish second and that kept me motivated.

Lake Mohawk is a beautiful a area, very scenic race. The hills and course is absolute brutal, no chance to rest. You would thing the down hills would give you a chance but they are to step.

The race was not very well organized, to much wait at start and after the race. Start and finish area was located on a grass field that became a mud pit. Im not running races to collect dust collecting prices but not have a price for finish second is a shame. Got a medal for age group instead.

Shoe: GoMeb Speed2
Fuel: Ignite Reload gel
Socks: Feetures!


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