Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Salming Miles sneak peak

For spring 2016 Salming Running are adding two new shoes to their line up. If you re attending the Running Event in Austin TX you will get a first sneak peak of Salming Running new shoes. Here is the first picture of the new Salming Miles!

Miles. Featuring a 4mm drop, the Miles has more heel and forefoot cushioning and a wider toe box construction than the popular and award winning Distance model. Hitting specialty run shops in March!Dont miss out Salming and RunLab at the running event in Austin, booth 501 December1-4:

Monday, November 16, 2015

The Running Event and Salming

If you plan to visit The Running Event this year make sure you stop by at Salming Running and RunLab. For the first time Salming is bringing over their really cool tool RunLab to US.

Learn here how to sign up!

Here is my blog about the RunLab:

Sundog Eyewear Dialed Review

  Last year Sundog Eyewear was a new brand to us and we are very happy to see Sundog this year again. Sundog Eyewear has a great variety in their product line at the right price point. We feel that more runners need to discover this great eye wear brand! 

Overall Rating: Excellent

Fit: Sundog used a good combination of materials on these glasses to provide structure and comfort at the same time. The areas of the glasses that come in contact with the nose and ears are comfortable and adjustable, the material Sundog use on their shape-able pads for fit are is called Megol. The placement and shape of the nose piece keep the frame from touching the eyebrows, which helps with air venting as well as comfort.The fit feels secure on your faster days, even if the fit is slim you don't have to worry about the venting.

Sun Blockage: Excellent, Sundog TrueBlue lens provides a light blue filtration that gives just about right protection. We have not experienced any glare or discomfort in bright sun. We have tired Dialed in every weather you can think of and so far they have preformed as well as high priced products.

Venting/Antifogging: These lenses don’t fog at all, and the placement of the nose piece provides ample room so that sweat drops were never an issue. As mentioned before, Dialed has been tested in all kind of weather. And no fogging or vent issues.
 Interchangeable Lenses: No

Best For: We have used Dialed for any run you can mention. Dialed will not let you down. With the slim fit  you will get a fast feel on race day. The price point at $69.99 you get a great value!

Drawbacks: Dialed fits best on small/medium size faces. If you have a larger face other options might fit you better.