Monday, May 19, 2014

Tifosi Lore Review

The Runningswede has been trying new 2014 sunglasses products together with Team Wicked Bonkproof founder/coach Caleb Masland. The sunglasses in this review has been tested during all kinds of weather conditions and work outs in New Jersey and North Carolina. We started to test the sunglasses back in February so the products has been trough a lot of different weather conditions. Brands featured in upcoming reviews are:
Julbo, Ryder, Sundog, Tifosi, Nike and XX2i.

Tifosi are known for having a wide variety of sunglasses in their product catalog. I had mixed results with Tifosi in the past where my lenses had cracked twice. With Tifosi you will find Sunglasses that fit your needs to a reasonable price tag. Lore retails for $69.95   

Lore fits on the larger side on my the face. I consider myself as having a normal sized face. The frame is thicker plastic called Grilamid TR-90. The frame we tested was Crystal clear witch makes the eye wear "cool looking" 

Over All rating: Good

I never became a friend with Lore. Sure this is a cool looking product but the fit is not there. Several of times I thought I got the fit right by adjusting the nose tip, but the Lore Sunglasses keeps bouncing around. Specially during faster work outs and on hill work outs. 

Sun Blockage:
Tifosi offer a great lens that offers a comfortable blockage again the sun. The lens is wide and block the sun from all angles. Lenses are polarized and comes with a scratch protection. 

Lens has not fogged up during runs winter and spring conditions. The lens has a venting system that works as a great feature. The lens has a coating that repels water and sweat.

Interchangeable Lenses: Yes, comes with 3 interchangeable pairs of lenses.

Case: Yes

Best For:
Slower long runs and for runners with a wider face to secure the fit.

Lore is a good looking product and I wish the fit would have been there, but the bouncing around and non secure fit made the Lore not a  great product for me. Lore also feels a bit heavy compared to other product in this review. Tifosi offers a wide variety of Eye wear that we feel are a better match for runners. 

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