Thursday, May 15, 2014

XX2i Sunglasses

The Runningswede has been trying new 2014 sunglasses products together with Team Wicked Bonkproof founder/coach Caleb Masland. The sunglasses in this review has been tested during all kinds of weather conditions and work outs in New Jersey and North Carolina. We started to test the sunglasses back in February so the products has been trough a lot of different weather conditions. Brands featured in upcoming reviews are:
Julbo, Ryder, Sundog, Tifosi, Nike and XX2i.

First out...

XX2i is a new brand to us we have tested the models: "France2" and "USA1". XX2i starts at retail prices $54. What really sticks is that the brand really stands behind their products! Lifetime Warranty! No questions asked, you break or scratch them, send them back to be replaced for a nominal shipping and handling fee! The products we tested came with 3 lenses and a case.

Overall Rating: Very Good

Fit: Frames fit close to the face without too much contact (only at the nose bridge and ears). These frames are a bit more stiff than the other options tested, and did feel a bit hard, especially around the nose.

Sun Blockage: Excellent blockage for bright and direct sunlight. The mirrored lenses create a yellowish hue in the field of vision, but the total darkening effect was best with these.

Venting/Antifogging: The lenses feature an air vent at the top that helps prevent fogging. These glasses are not 100% fog-proof, and did tend to get a little cloudy in humid conditions or after sweating for a while.

Interchangeable Lenses: Yes (mirror, brown, clear)

Best For: Runners seeking a smaller lens size and good sun blockage.

Drawbacks: Lens and nose piece shape had a tendency to create a sweat reservoir that would then dry as a blurry spot in the field of vision. Heavy sweaters will need to clean these lenses often.


Overall Rating:  Excellent

Fit: France2 has a slim fast design. They fit close to you face and you barley notice them on your run. Frame is light weight and the nose pads and temple tips is adjustable for a better fit.

Sun Blockage: The blue colored lens offer a comfortable protection in direct sun and bright white sun. I have not experienced any discomfort when running in any weather conditions.

Venting/Antifogging: We have tested them during really cold winter runs and warmer runs and the lenses did fog up during really cold weather runs. 

Interchangeable LensesFrance2 comes with 3 interchangeable lenses. Very easy to change and you will find a lens for all kinds of weather.

Best for: With all features and the warranty of XX2i France2 you can not go wrong. You get a great package and great protection in most kind of weather conditions fast feeling for under $60. 

Drawbacks: Not the best option in cold weather running as lens fogs up.


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