Wednesday, April 24, 2013


When SKECHERS announced the sponsorship signing of top American marathoner Meb Keflezighi a lot of runners laughed and questioned Meb. Now we think different. The SKECHERS designers created a shoe just for Meb and the London 2012 Olympics, at first  known as GoMeb. As we all now know, Meb finished fourth in the Olympics, an incredible achievement. Runners, including myself, started to be more curious about this racing flat. Later SKECHERS announced that they would release the shoe now named as GoRun Speed.

What SKECHERS says:


  • Independent circular GOimpulse sensors for a more responsive running experience
  • M-Strike Technology™ promotes a midfoot strike
  • Lightweight - No extra material, no extra weight, nothing to slow you down
  • 4mm heel drop keeps foot in a nearly neutral position
  • Resalyte™ Midsole - Proprietary lightweight injection-molded compound with memory retention helps absorb impact
  • Stability plate in midfoot for a supportive and secure run
  • Seamless interior with microfiber lining maximizes comfort


  • Nearly weightless synthetic and mesh fabric upper
  • Bold side S logo detail
  • Lace up front
  • Weight: Radically lightweight 7.5 oz. per shoe based on a men's size 9
First Impression
The GoRun Speed has bold colors, for sure, The ones I have used are red/lime. The upper feels light and it almost seem less. When looking at the shoe,you get an impression and feeling of speed.

The upper is constructed by an open flexible mesh  and mostly welded overlays. Most areas around the arch is supported by SKECHERS logo type "S"that has been welded onto the mesh. The laces row and some areas that need more support has extra suede look alike material. The upper breathes very well and the fit is snug and preform without cramping your toes during fast runs and marathons. The suede parts in the fore foot were noticeable the first couple of runs but after a few "break in runs" it was not a concern as the soften up. The inside of the heel cup has also  suede like material that offers a secure fit, it actually adds a faster feel to the shoes.

The GoRun Speed has a 4mm drop midsole, the same as the GoRun2. The biggest difference between the both shoes is a carbon fiber plate, placed in the GoRun Speeds mid sole. This plate provides extra support, firmness and responsiveness. The mid sole offers great protection and an easy toe off. The transition is smooth and you get a sort of "snap" sound when pushing off.
The outsole carries the same "sensors" as other shoes in the  Gorun series but has more blown rubber under it. Some of the sensors in the center of fore foot area  shows more wear then others after 75 miles of running (which included Boston Marathon). This is an area that can be improved for better durability.

Final Word
I have been mainly using the GoRun 2 for my Boston Marathon build up. When I recevied the Go Run Speed, I knew this was going to be my Boston Marathon Racer. The GoRun Speed offers a less flexible run then the GoRun 2 but a faster and secure feel. GoRun Speed is a true "old shool racer" that makes you feel fast on race day. The shoe is built low to the ground and the road grip is secured. You get a smooth and fast toe off and I love the "snap" sound of it. When I had to dig deep the last couple of miles in Boston, I really put a trust in my GoRun Speed. They did not let me down! As my own preference, I have replaced the laces with lock laces. To me the lock laces brings the Go Run Speeds to the next level. 

Meb told the designers of SKECHERS what he needed for the London 2012 Olympics.The result is the really fast GoRun Speed. A great racing flat that keeps impressing me!

Other great reviews of GoRun Speed:
Coach Caleb

Disclosure of Material Connection: I receive Running shoes from Skechers Performance Division as part of their Skecher Performance Division brand ambassador program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Boston 2013


Althoughcat this year's Boston Marathon I did a personal best; a sub 3, my most perfect race and for the first time representing Skechers Performance Division, none of that feels very important in the face of the tragic events that ended the race. My thoughts and prayers go out to all the victims in Boston! 
How do you really respond to such a horrible act? I would love to be happy about my time and performance but my feelings are bittersweet. I know the best thing to do is, to honor the victims with your hard work and running, to come back next year doing your best and run stronger then ever!

I had a perfect day, I had done all the preparations right and the weather was just right and for the very first time I was representing Skechers! For Boston I was wearing my black racing outfit and a pair of Go Run Speed. I knew I had the best possible gear out there, thanks to Skechers. I had decided and tested the Huma Chia seed gel before the race, which is such an awesome gel. In my opinion the best tasting gel out there, so natural and you can really feel the "kick". Its the first gel I actually can say you can feel the difference. I also like to mention Bolle eyewear, the Vortex felt great in the sun, no issues with fogging up. Nice shades!
In my past Bostons Marathons, I have been opening up a bit too fast. Boston Marathon is known for its brutal start with all the downhills. Its during the first 10 miles that you blow your legs up but this year I was able to control my pace. I was careful and it actually felt really good, very easy.. The temperature  was right but I could tell it was getting warmer. Half way I passed right under 1.29, maybe to close to 1.30 but I felt it was under control and I was hoping to do negative splits. right after mile 13 I knew my family and wife Erin would be cheering. That's always a motivational booster to see them and get some extra energy! Mile 13-16 is relatively flat and I was hoping to save some energy, but around mile 15 I started to feel a bit of fatigue. I was getting worried and negative vibes started to act up in my head.  But over the hills in Newton I managed to get energy back, just by controlling my pace and cruising past some of the runners who had opened up too fast. My legs felt better and I kept a decent pace over the hills (thanks to my friend and coach Reno who has been drilling me hard over the hills all winter long) After Heartbreak its mostly downhill and I tried to open up my gait and loosen up. I was focusing on the mile marks, setting up new goals to keep pace. I was counting down and was looking forward to seeing famous landmarks like Fenway Park. At this point shoes are very important and my Skechers GoSpeed run was like an extension of my feet, I could not notice them and they gave me such a great response. At one point around mile 23 I thought it was going to be an easy last three miles to complete the sub 3, but the time was flying by, I had to pick up the pace! The last two miles I had to finish hard to reach my goal and on Boylston Street finally finished  my first sub 3! The feeling was incredible to finish strong and to see the 2:59:47. No terrorist in the world can take that feeling away from me!

Im still shocked after what happened to all those innocent people and kids. I'm sure Boston will come back stronger then ever to honor those victims. I know I will, stronger then ever to honor them! Im looking forward to meeting all those fantastic Bostonian's again and high five all those happy kids!
Proud member of Skechers Ambassador Program ( I couldn't have asked for a better support and gear from the team!)

Friday, April 5, 2013

Skechers GoRun Speed Review

From Coach Caleb......Great review! RunningSwede Skechers GoRun Speed review will be up soon as well!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Running Eyewear 2013

RunningSwede has been trying out some eye wear for they upcoming Spring and Summer.
We have been trying to find something for every runner out there. Enjoy!

Under $50
BTB 430 & BTB 440

BTB is a smaller brand focusing on different kind of activities. You can find several of different option for different activities on the BTB website . All eye glasses are marked retail prize under $50 and a re a great option if you run on a budget.

On the Run
I have been testing the eye glasses during sunny days and more grey cooler days. Both 430 and 440 fits really well on your face, but I would recommend both eye glasses for smaller faces as they run small. Frame is very thin constructed and the glasses are really light weight, barley noticeable when you are running. The lenses are not over sized. The 430 fits really close to your eyes and I felt at times that my eyes couldn't breath, my eye laces also touched the lenses, which was annoying at times.
430 comes in a brown tint and 440 in a dark grey and they are both doing the job in all weather conditions. I prefer a the dark grey tint. You don't have to worry about these eyeglasses to fog up, which is a huge problem for some runners.

Over all
Great light weight option that does not fog up on your run. Definitely affordable for under $50 (retail for $39). If you hava a bigger face these glasses might not be for you. On the down side the BTB eye glasses does not come with replacement lenses.

Most value
Tifosi Tempt & Logic

Tifosi is a brand who offer a wide variety of eye wear. Any athlete can find eye wear that cover their needs.
RunningSwede tried Tempt and Logic. All Tifosis eye wear are really high quality and durable, no difference with two glasses we tried. Logicg has more of a full face lens and Tempt is a bit more of traditional running bicycle eye glass. Tempt came with Fototec technology lens and Logic with there lenses that are easy to change. Both eyeglasses comes in way under $100. In my opinion an insane bargain!

On the run
Both Tempt and Logic fit really well and the slippage is none, both eye glasses can be adjust by the noose tip and ear. Logic runs a bit bigger and take more adjustments to fit right. With the Temp no adjustments were needed. The Tempt fototec lens has been working great for me during my spring runs and within the few seconds the lens adjust to current light. The Logic comes with three lenses and are very easy to change, you will find a lenses for any weather condition. Neither of Tempt and Logic has fogged up during my runs.

Over All
As mention above Tifosi cover all needs you can possible have when it comes to running eye wear. I tried tow of Tifosi's many eyeglasses and I'm sure the outcome would have been the same with all of them. Really good eye wear with quality and good looks!

Italian Style
Salice 006
Salice is a new brand in US but have been seen in Europe on several of the cyclist in the Tour The France peleton . Thee 006 carry a bigger lens that does not let any Sun/wind get to your eyes. The fram and noose tip is adjustable for a great fit. 006 comes with two lenses that are easy to change. UV400 lens rating ensures protection against 100% of UVA, B and C rays. Salice have a several of options and something for everyone. The design scream Italian fashion.

On the run
Salice 006 is the largest eye wear in the test but they fits well and does not feel over sized during your run. Although if you are concerned how you look and have a smaller face you might reconsider these glasses and choose something like Salice 005. The lens does not fog up and the lens I have has green tint and a red-ish light. A very comfortable light that blocks the sun well.

Over All
Salice comes in around $100 and I think the  price is fair. Salice are durable and have high quality lenses. Even if the 006 might look big they dont feel big during your run and as mentioned before 005 might be a better option for small face runners. Salice makes a great debut on the US market and fits runners as well as cyclists.

Most Stylish
Julbo Dust
Julbo has been making attractive and high quality sun glasses for years and the Dust is no exception. My  Dust came with Zebra lens technology which is a  photochromic lens in protections categories 1 to 3. Ultra-clear when unactivated, it offers excellent visibility in very low light conditions and darkens extremely quickly to protect the eyes when exposed to full light levels. The Zebra lens has been working really great in all weather conditions. Dust also come in a cheaper edition with interchangeable lenses. The fit is snug with a secure fit. Frame is adjustable but not the noose part. I did not need any adjustments in order to get right fit.
The design is great and the Dust has bold colors, mine is blue and green. Dust retail from $90-160 depends on the lens.

On the Run
The sun glasses dose not fog up even if they fit close to your face. The fit is very secure and snug. You don have to worry about the Dust to slip. The Zebra lens works great and the color is red-brown ish. A very comfortable lens to wear. Design and fit makes you feel fast and you will definetly stick out in the crowd with these dust and maybe leave soem of the other runners in the dust!

Over All
With Dust ranging form $90-$160 you can find a very stylish eye wear that fits your wallet. With out no doubt the Dust is the best looking eye wear in the test. The fit is snug and fast and you don't need to adjust the Dust much to get the right fit. I can not comment on the other lenses but the Zebra lens has been working great with out any fogging. Awesome looking Dust will make you stand out in the crowd for sure!

Most Functional
Bollé Vortex
 BollĂ© has been making eye wear for all categories of sports for decades and it really show in the Vortex eye glasses. Vortex is a really well built sun glasses that helps to preform at your highest level. Bolle also offer a wide variety of glasses and if Vortex does not fit your bill, you will find a high quality product that does, like the Draft. Frame and noose part is adjustable but did not need any adjustments to fit before my first run. Lens offer Carbo glass for protection and Photochromic lenses automatically lighten and darken to adapt to the ever-changing environment.

On the Run
The Vortex runs really smooth and comfortable during your run, the Vortex did not need any adjustments before my first run.. I used the Vortex during a 30K mountain run and I did not notice them at all. The Photocromic lens adjusted to the different lights really well and I did not have any issues with sunlight or more darker parts of the course. Lens has not fog up during my runs with Vortex.

Over All
Vortex retail for $189 and are the most pricy Sunglasses in the test, but I definitely feel like they are worth it. You will get high quality product that stands out in quality, no questions about it. If you don't have to worry about the eyewaear when you are standing on the start line, its is a a great grade. With Vortex you don't have to worry at all. Vortex will bring you to the finish line!