Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Summer Solstice 5 Mile Trail

This is one of my favorite races. Great very hilly and challenging course. Weather this year was hot and humid. Not really my kind of weather.

Start: The start is on a big grass field approximately 200m away from the trails. Its always a battle to get in first to the the trails to get a good position. I was 4th this time.

The first mile is very challenging with a couple of really step climbs and declines. I felt I had a decent pace and I wanted to save my legs for the last two miles. Kind of ran controlled. After the first leg of trails I was sixth. Mile 2-3 are mostly on soft rail beds. I had hoped to pick up the pace a little bit better here but legs did not really respond. Before the second legs of trail I had moved up to fourth and could see the third guy in front of me. I did a push before the trails to move in as fourth.

Second leg of trails are brutal, mainly the third mile is uphill, step. On the second climb the runner behind made a push and passed me, I figured I might catch him later if I kept a steady pace over the hills. I didn't. Last mile the decline is hard and you have to be careful, here my stomach cramped up a little bit but I opened up my gait and it was ok.  Over all I did a great race, manged the pace well in the heat. Ended up finish 5th and overall winner in the master division.
I love this race and I will be back next year for sure!

Shoes: Skechers GoBionic Trail #GoElite
Socks: Feetures Elite #Feetures!
Fuel: Ignite Reload gel and InRefresh Electrolyte drink #realfood

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