Monday, March 30, 2015

Three weeks and peak training starts!

Last week was a great week for me with two big workouts. I started this week with tired legs after last weekend Miles for Music 20K race. The long run this week was 21 miles was 4K-1K alternations for 25 K (marathon pace). Pace felt good, a bit faster then I plan to run in Boston. As always, I added some extra hills in the end. The speed part this week was 13 miles with 10 miles of marathon pace. Again did not have any problems with the pace and did the marathon pace part a bit faster, around 6:30.

So with 3 weeks left I'm starting to cut down on the mileage. It feels good and I'm very confident. Will be nice with some lower mile weeks and get some rest after a tough winter. Hopefully the heat will arrive soon as well!

Salming Distance
Salming Speed


Monday, March 23, 2015

4 weeks and Miles for Music 20K Tune Up

4 weeks left to Boston and the Tune up race is in the books. going in to this race I did not do any kind of taper really, did cut down the mileage a little bit and did not run hard or long the day before. On Tuesday I did a hard fartlek that kind of left me tired and exhausted for a few days. Actually I was not sure how well I would be able to run at the race!

Miles for music 20K NJ state championship is one of my favorite races. The course is flat and fast, you run a loop that runs along both directions parallel so you see the other runners the whole way and you meet the front runners, really cool and fun. This morning it was very cold, around freezing degrees. Normally that is not to bad for me, but the chilly winds made the "real feel" a lot worse. The winds were up to 30mph! With the loop we ran, it meant that you had to face really tough headwinds going out and nice tailwind going home. The start went kind of messy, had to zig zag a lot and lost a few seconds the first half mile. I ended up running by myself most of the race as I got in between groups. I was trying to catch up with a group but I realized this was going to take to much effort. I kind of got in to my own zone. Miles and times went fast and going out for the last lap, I faced the headwinds again. This time it got a bit tougher and my pace went over 6:30. I tried not to freak out and push. When we went home way and I got the tail wind for the last 2 miles I pushed a bit harder. Legs responded really well and I had gas left in the tank. I finished strong in 1:19:45 Should I have distribute my pace more even? It's hard to tell in the winds, sure I could have tried to run faster in the winds, but with the risk to blow up in the end, I played it safe.

My goal was to run under 1:20, which I did. I very happy with the effort I manged to put in. The weather was not the best and I ran strong in the winds. Definitely proof that I'm on the right track for Boston in 4 weeks!

Salming Race
Great light weight shoe that has the snap you need on the race day! You feel fast and they helped me push the last 2 miles!
With a lot of water on the course and really chilly winds, I picked the light merino Feetures! this sock is my favorite, keeps you warm but still very thin. Did not let me down on race day!
Best drink, that works really well with my stomach, and best its my from Realfood! Great tasting, you just want to drink more of it!! Matcha Green Tea + lemon is the bomb!

4 weeks left and I'm in a good place!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Week 5-6 left

The weather is finally warmer, still a bit cold in the morning but you don't need 3 layers of clothes. In fact I have done my first run, wearing shorts, felt great!

 It such a big difference when you start to strip off your clothes. You feel refreshed and everything feels lighter, pace, climbs etc. I always get worried during the winter months when its hard to hit the paces I expect to hit. Some of the runs its so cold, you have ton of clothes and the winds hits you like a bitch slap straight in the face, you just have to go by effort. But its a mind game when you get home and you check your paces. Dang! 30 sec to slow.....Now, when the temps are better, the pace and speed is there! The winter always make me stronger and its feels easy when the spring actually arrives! The 6 week left to Boston was a beast, 8 mile marathon pace over hills, followed up by a 22 miler 2 days later.
The 8 Miler MP got a bit gnarly in the end as I did it in strong winds and over hills. For the 22 miler it was steady pace 7:23, with some warm up drills. Again trying out my fuel plan for Boston. 2 Gels before, 1 gel after 40 min, then gel every 20 min. Works great for me, no stomach issues.

I'm happy to announce that I'm again is a Feetures! sock ambassador! Great socks that can handle any weather (wool) and you can chose the cush you like!

Monday, March 2, 2015

Winter Sum up

Well the winter is not over yet, but January and February are in the books. These two months have been brutally cold and windy. This has taken a real big piece of motivation out of me but in the end I have stayed positive and now I'm leaving  the cold winter behind me.

A little bit about the training. Last year I had huge back to back hamstring issues, and I did not have enough miles in miles legs for Boston. This year I have been lucky (knock, knock) with my hamstrings but was down three days with a bad stomach virus. I also had an accident loading our wood burning stove, I dropped the steamer and got all the burning hot water on my right foot. Leaving me with second degree burns and blisters. Two weeks of bandaged foot but I hit all of my miles and work outs. Foot looks better now but it was scary nasty looking for a while!

Winter Running

Coach Caleb ( has been for this Boston training been focusing on two work outs per week, which gives me plenty of runs to get recover every week. Target miles has been 75 but I plan to hit 80+ weeks for March. as said above the winter has been cold and work outs been extra tough, with all the extra clothing, chilly temps and really strong cold winds. Some days/work outs it has been almost impossible to hit the paces. The effort is there but it has been frustrating that you re not hitting the planned pace. I have added my Strava site on the side bar menu if you like to follow my training.
Salming Running Vest

Gear, as Im a Salming Running ambassador, I have been using their clothing and shoes this winter. On the top I have been using the UltraLite Jacket. A really nice light jacket that breaths well and at the same time blocks the winds. I cant say enough of good things about the this jacket! If it gets really cold, I add the Running Vest on top of the jacket. The Vest can also be used for safety as it comes in a bright yellow color with added reflex printings. This solution has kept me happy warm all winter.
Check out the Jackets here:
On my feet I always put my trust in wool, and for the best fit I use Feetures! Elite wool socks. They alsways keep my feet warm, no matter what!

Hopefully weather gets better and we can get some #nononsense speed in!