Thursday, April 19, 2018

Alicia Eno Juhl Ambassador Profile

Alicia is a new addition to Salming Ambassador team for 2018. Alicia brings lot of experience and knowledge to our small team. She also is very active in the community and always helpful for other ambassadors. Alicia has clear goals to qualify to the next Olympic Trials. Salming welcome Alicia as a new ambassador and happy to join her on her journey toward her goals! 

Alicias Favorite Accomplishments:
Being the third women in the United States to complete a Boston Marathon Qualifying
Marathon in every US state ever. That took planning and goal setting over a number of years. 
Second- Winning the Syracuse marathon, Yuma Marathon, Gate City Marathon and the Red Rock Canyon Marathon
over the past 2 years.
Being a part of the Central Mass Striders Women’s racing team and competing on the USATF-NE circuit and
being a team scorer is brilliant. Top 20 in the USATF-NE Mountain Championships.

Alicias Athletic goals:
To run an Olympic Qualifier Marathon. This is my number one goal. By having a 2 year plan.
By picking select marathons and then by supplementing the marathons with smaller races leading up.
By having my health be my priority, (through InsideTracker blood work), having the best team ever to support my
goal: Nutritionist, massage therapist, coach- Michael Crouch via McKirdy Training. By having the best performance
with my kit, via Salming , gear, shoes, and outer wear.  By having one single focus over the upcoming 2 years will
streamline by training and health to achieve my goal.
Alicia on Salming Running
I have researched and ran in many of the Salming shoes- my favorite, thus far, being the Race 5 and Race 6. I love the lightness of the shoe and being able to race well in it! Second favorite thus far are the Salming Speed 5’s for longer distance training. I love the Salming Lightweight wind jacket for  performance without the bulk and the Salming shorts. I see Salming heading for a breakthrough in the US with the trail community and with the Ultra runners- via the Salming trail shoes performance- I think that the brand with it’s serious approach appeals to runners whom value thegrit, hard work and tenacity it takes to be on top on the roads and in the trails.
No-nonsense- that means to me- NO shortcuts. Serious training. I get up at 4 am every day and run. 80-100 miles a week. Favorite workout are mile repeats on the treadmill at half marathon pace.
Proud to be a part of such a talented team. Salming embodies my love of the grit. My love of pushing the limits. 
Of travel. Of what can I now strive to do……..

Alicia works succesfully with several brands:
I have had various sponsors over the years. I have a grand group currently. I love them all and use them in my training daily. Run Gum for an extra kick for speed work, Honey Stinger products, Cocoa Elite protein powders, Race Dots to hold my bib on tightly, Amrita protein nutrition bars, Sound Probiotics  for probiotics to help your gut, 
NUUN- hydration tabs, Ink Burn for coolest designs, Rabbit for their crop tops and shorts for track workouts, 
Feed Your Crazy team- from CO- self-explanatory, Swiftwick and Vitalsox- perfect socks for me, lightweight!
I hustle and work hard for my sponsors!)

Alicia about music
I grew up in the Rave Techno scene in Detroit MI. Dancing was my escape- my dream time then. It still is along now
with running.  Music is in my blood and it keeps me going through the bad times and good times. I only listen to 
techno podcasts and German- Swedish techno- Detroit techno for most of my workouts. 
I have so many DJ friends worldwide and I continue to be apart of the music scene in Detroit. 
Grit and hard work- just like running.