Tuesday, April 29, 2014

75 000 hits

Today TheRunningSwede passed 75 000 hits. I'm quite impressed with this number. When I first started this blog, it was just to have something to do. Writing about running, running shoes and other topics around training. This blog wouldn't ever had hit 75 000 without support from Skechers Performance Division.

Thnaks for all Support now we take 100 000!


One of the first picture posted on TheRuningSwede!

Monday, April 28, 2014

Meb wins 2014 Boston marathon.....

In case you missed it! Meb Keflezighi and Skechers Performance Division won the Boston marathon 2014!

TheRunningSwede will try to update this blog with all kinds of links and information about  Meb's Boston Marathon 2014 victory!

This is how it was done!

Lets Run about Ryan Hall and the tactics

Boston Globe:

Craig Leon on the tactics

How Skechers beat NIKE


Competitor Running

SGB Weekly



GoMeb Speed3:


Skechers Performance Division






Friday, April 25, 2014

Giving Back...

I really enjoy working at Skechers Performance Division booth at running expos like Boston Marathon and NYC Marathon. You really get a chance to connect with runners from all over the world, to hear their stories, how they qualified, and to tell mine and Skechers Performance Division story. At Boston I also got the opportunity to give runners advise on how to run the Boston marathon as I have a completed five Boston Marathons. I got questions about the Heartbreak Hill, how to run the first ten downhill miles etc.

 Its also very inspiring to fit runners in Skechers Performance Division shoes. Most of the runners had tried them before but some runners were not familiar with the brand and the fit. Its always a great feeling when you get that positive respond from the runners " WOW, this is actually a really great fit". Other runners came to the booth to ask for "the shoe that Meb use".

 An 80+ year old lady was one of those. She asked gently to try the shoe that Meb were going to use. She told her story about running and how she had to use old tennis shoes when she first started to run. Running shoes for women had never been heard of. As a woman she had also issues entering races at times.
The old lady is trying GoRun3 and GoMeb Speed2

 She was really impressed by the feel of Speed2 but wanted to wait a bit. During the end of our conversation, I gave the lady a Skechers Performance Division, "GO Meb Go" tshirt and she started to get tearful and thankful. Later that day, she came back and bought her first pair of GoMeb Speed2 and told me. "I wish Skechers had been around 40 years ago, you are all so helpful!" This time it was time for me to get tearful.

This is what its all about, Giving Back!


Skechers GoMeb Speed3

Let me introduce you to the shoe that winner Meb Keflezighi was wearing when he won 2014 Boston Marathon!

Skechers GoMeb Speed3

Skechers GoMeb Speed3

Thursday, April 24, 2014

2014 Boston Marathon Weekend

Over the weekend I had the pleasure to meet lot of great people and runners. I was going up Friday this time to stay at my friend Joshua http://vagabondrunning.blogspot.com/. Friday night we went out to meet up with BonkProof runner Jonathan Hill for some beet juice, running and running shoe geek talk. Great dinner at Boston Works by Fenway Park.

Saturday morning I  had planned to do an easy shake our run with strides, as Joshua lives right by the first Newton Hill, we gave that one a shot. Very different to run this hill with fresh legs! After some easy mileage with strides and stretching we went in to Boston and the expo. The plan was to get my bib and then do some damage at the Skechers Performance Division marathon expo. I had a great day talking to runners from all over the world. Did some promotion to Scandinavian runners who has not really seen Skechers GORun shoes yet. Lot of work to do in Northern Europe, hopefully I can help out to spread the word! I always having a great time meeting up with the Skechers Perfromance Division Team! A great team that are really supportive.
After the  expo I meet up with my wife Erin and the rest of the family at our hotel in Waltham, again had a great dinner.

Easy run in the morning, some easy mileage with some strides. Feeling ready. Sunday I had two interviews planned. First with Skechers Performance Division and then Swedish TV4. Unfortunately the Skechers interview got cancelled. But I had a blast doing the SWE TV4 interview. Mostly about my experiences after my finish last year when I most likely meet the two "bombers" but also a lot of questions about this years marathon and security.

Late Sunday we finished up with a really nice easter dinner, hosted by our local Cosgrove family. Always a great time to catch up with them! Also the family always helps out to hand off my water bottles along the race course, Thanks Charlie you did a great job! We were back at the hotel around 7PM. I did the last preparations and hit the bed early. Shoe of choice was Skechers GoMeb Speed2. Fuel was Honeystinger gel.

Monday morning:
Alarm went off 5:30AM, easy breakfast with bagels and oatmeal. Plan was to hit the road around 7:00AM.
This year with all security around Boston marathon, we had to go to a different drop off spot as we chose to drive to the start from the hotel. At the drop off we got searched by security and metal detectors. Not a big deal, it all went really smooth. The yellow school bus took us this year to the back side of the school and the "Athletes Village". A much longer walk then I'm used to from earlier marathons. The plan was to go to the Skechers Performance Division house, to relax a bit before the start and to meet up with Team Wicked Bonk Proof and other #GOelite runners. Skechers Performance Division had set up the back yard of the house with a rest room, chairs and some beverages. It was a great atmosphere and great to meet up with guys like Caleb Masland and Seth Hasty. Again walking down to the start you got searched with metal detectors and the police was more present then. Also standing in my corral waiting for start you could see snipers on the roofs.

Race Report:
With low mileage in my legs, due to all Hamstring issues I been threw, I had no clue where I was at. It was hot already from the start and the forecast was high 60's. Normally I get fried around 55. I knew I had the best possible shoes for me Skechers GoMeb Speed2 and great fuel 6 HoneyStingers gel.....When start went off I felt it was more crowded the earlier years. I couldn't really find a good pace first half mile, I got a bit stressed out that the first mile would be 7:30+. It landed at 6:53, and I got more relieved and relaxed. The field of runners started to ease up and I got in to my zone trying to hit even splits around 6:45. I felt really strong, trying to have fun. Already from the start I could feel the heat but it did not bother me really. At mile 6 I got my first water bottle,. I kept the bottle for about 2 miles. It was really nice to cruise pass 2 water station without getting into the battle of getting fluids. The miles were ticking and I had great splits, still feeling strong. Wellsley passed by and I had my second water bottle placed out right after the 13.1 mark. Again great to get your own stuff and I kept it for a mile. At this time you start to prepare yourself for the hills. Close to Newton, I saw a familiar runner, Reno Stirrat. Reno had started feel his PF and had decided to slow. Reno is a great guy and I felt really bad for him. I asked if he needed anything like gel, but Reno gently said no and encouraged me to have a great fun race. Reno is a great guy for sure! Hills were coming closer and at this point started to feel the marathon. I had to dig a bit deeper to hit splits in the heat. First Hill by the Newton Fire station was ahead of me. I started to get in to the hill zone and climb the hill by effort. It felt pretty good, but I also started to battle with my mind. On the down hill and flat parts I tried to run relaxed and get prepared for the upcoming tasks but I started to struggle in the heat. I feel I kept decent pace over the hills but I did not recover as I had wished for between them. The last hill is Heartbreak Hill, in the middle of the hill the rumor started to spread out that Meb had won the 2014 Boston Marathon. Soon everyone started to scream "Meb won!" I really got a kick out that, very inspiring. I knew I had to dig deeper to finish strong. Heartbreak Hill passed and i knew from this point its mostly down hill.
I tried really hard to pick up 6:45 splits but my legs did not respond. The splits came closer to 7:00. I started to pick out strategic goals to keep me going. Mile 25 was the point were my wife Erin and family would be.
Erin and Kim cheers on all #GOelite runners!

Plan was to keep pace up and hopefully drop a few faster ones. I passed Erin, always so great to see her! Now I started to feel some cramp building up in my hamstring. I was thinking "please no". A split second later I had to do a fast stop, by a cop. Who helped me stretch my left hamstring. On to Bolyston Street and what a feeling! Crowd was amazing. Hamstring was OK , no more worries and I pretty much just sucked in everything I could. By the finish line I got the opportunity to "high five" one of the heros from 2013 Boston Marathon Carlos Arredondo, what a great way to finish my 2014 Boston Marathon.

I was happy to get to the start line healthy this year and couldn't be more proud of myself and how this marathon turned out! With Meb winning the Boston Marathon and how the runners and the crowd really took back the streets of Boston! 2014 Boston Marathon will always be one of my "best"marathons!

My Strava:


Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Skechers Performance Division

Great info from Tyler Matthews www.runningtowarddreams.wordpress.com
How to get your GORuns......

How to buy:
1) Online - You can find these at http://www.skechersperformance.com/, Amazon, Zappo's, and others. 
2) Skechers retail store or factory outlet
3) Ask your local running specialty store. Running stores won't stock a shoe that they don't feel has any demand, and the best way to judge that is whether or not people are asking for them.

Crash course on the different models:
GoRun 3 - versatile trainer, great for easy runs, tempo runs, and anything in between (these are my workhorse)

GoRun Ride 3 - cushioned trainer, awesome for easy, recovery, and long runs

GoRun Ultra - maximally cushioned shoe (think Hoka, but lighter and less squashy) for recovery runs and can even be used as a trail shoe

GoMeb Speed 2 - amazing race flat (I would compare to something like Adidas Adios or New Balance 1400)

GoBionic 2 - zero drop, natural trainer good for easy running

GoBionic Fuel - think GoBionic, but more cushioning for a soft, yet flexible feel 

Monday, April 7, 2014

New Skechers GORun website!

Yesterday, SKECHERS Performance Division released their new website: www.skechersGOrun.com The new website has a lot of running related information along with some great videos about SKECHERS athletes and products!

Check it out! www.skechersGOrun.com


Friday, April 4, 2014

Mojo Compression Sleeves Review

Mojo is a fairly new brand to me. When representing Skecher Performance Division during NYC Marathon last year. Mojo had its booth across from Skechers. Of course the Swedish colored products caught my attention!

Who are Mojo (From Mojo Website):
"Founded and based in Brooklyn, New York - our philosophy is to create products which will advance Sport Performance & Recovery.
MoJo design & materials are developed by Mo Blinder who has been developing, manufacturing and distributing in the medical compression industry for 15+ years.
Mo is a weekend Cyclist and a daily Swimmer who wanted to create cutting edge Performance and Recovery garments with funky, sport driven designs, materials and patterns.
Working closely with professional athletes and designers Mo has tailored the MoJo sock into something that you will want to wear."

Fit: I chose to use Sleeves as Im really picky with my socks. Mojo sleeves has what I would call standard 20-30mmHg Support. I have used the sleeves in both competition and training. The sleeves offer a nice firm compression and I feel the compression are at the right spots for me. Some sleeves can be to tight over my calves, but this was not the case with Mojo. During long runs and competition I feel I can trust Mojo to stay up. Sometime you get the feeling that your sleeves are going to come down as soon as you start to run. This was not the case with Mojo. In fact the sleeves had a great feeling, giving you the secure feeling you need. I always judge my compression gear how they feel after a few turns in my washer. Mojo passed the test here as well, and continues to offer the same amount of compression.

Conclusion: Mojo offer a wide variety of compression gear for your legs. Products are in the right price range, not over priced like compression gera often can be. My Sleeves has been tested during a tough NJ winter, racing and all kind of work outs. The product offers what Im looking for when it comes to compression, a nice firm compression. You dont have to worry about the sleeves sliding down and the product hold up over time. Mojo will be my choice of sleeve at Boston Marathon this year!

Website: http://www.mojosocks.com/

Disclaimer: The compression sleeves was sent to "therunningswede" free of charge for review. Review and thoughts are writers opinion after been testing the product this spring. 

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Boston Marathon less then 3 weeks

After miles for music 20K I took a few days off, as my hamstring started tight up. I did some biking and core work out inside to keep the momentum going. Recovery went well and I was back on the roads already after 2 days. Friday I did my long run, with some marathon pace segments, I did feel my ITB in the end but it was run able, nothing big....I was wrong, next morning, I had to stop after 1 mile. My ITB often flares up if I take a few days off and gets lazy with stretching, also doing the plank on a regularly basis has been great for me. I guess I have been a bit sloppy with this and boom there it is ITB......Lot of ice, Aleve and foam roall did the trick. Usually it takes 1-2 days and Im back on my feet. This time I also tried StrengthTape. Not sure if it helped but I had some extra support.
This week I have been back on schedule. Friday is going to be the big test for ITB as I have planned to the long run, again with lot of tempo involved. Next will be a bit slower as I'm going to start put an edge on the peak!

Current shoe rotation:
Skechers GoRun3
Skechers GoMeb Speed2
Skechers GoBionic2
Skechers GoRun Ride3


Feetures! Elite

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Skechers Performance YouTube Reviews

Vice President of Technical Development Kurt Stockbridge walks you trough the GoRun line up!





GoMeb Speed2

Skechers Performance Division Youtube Chanel:

Bioskin Compression Shorts Review

When searching for Compression shorts, I came across the brand Bioskin. What differs Bioskin from most of the other brands on the running market is that they are made of a thicker material with a really firm compression. Bioskin is also one of the most expensive shorts on the market.
"Bio Skin is a unique, patented material designed to provide high-level compression without creating any discomfort. The material is thin and gives radial compression, so it conforms nicely to the curves of the body. Its breathable, allowing perspiration to evaporate through it, and its neoprene free, latex free, and hypo-allergenic so you don't have to worry about skin reactions. Wearing the BioSkin compression short product is a satisfying experience because it is breathable, light, thin, strong, odorless, and extremely durable. 18-20 mm Hg compression"

Initial thoughts.
The shorts comes with instructions how to put them on. Right away I notices how firm and stiff the material really was. After putting them one for the first time, I realized that I probably will not be able to run in these. Material was too thick and the firm compression on upper legs were to much. I also noticed that the shorts did not fit snug enough on my lower thighs, material where way to lose in this area. I have been using these short for recovery only.

Fit: Compression is very firm if you can get the fit and size right. I sent  all my required measurements to Bioskin, still I can not get perfect fit. The shorts also slides down easy and I have to adjust them/pull them up every 5 minutes. Seams are very present, and for me at the wrong places. During a hike I had to stop and put my gloves inside the shorts as protection from the razor sharp seams. Waistband does not have a string to secure fit.

With the poor fit, razor sharp seams and firm thick materials, I could not use the Bioskin for running. The shorts wont stay up, seams create chafing and the loose fit on lower thighs. I have used Bioskin for recovery mainly and I have to say that I can feel a great compression on the upper thighs when using them. But the adjusting of the shorts is very annoying. Room for improvements are: Flat seams, to avoid chafing. Better fit and shape of the short, so they offer compression all the way. Waistband with string. For running, the shorts material needs to be thinner. The thick fabrics interfere with the running/gait in my opinion.

Great compression for recovery.

Poor fit, wont stay up, lose fit lower thighs.
Materials to thick for running.
Chafing, seams are razor sharp
Stiff price, close to $100

Bio Skin Compression Shorts: http://www.bioskin.com/compression-shorts.html

The shorts was sent to therunningswede, free of charge for review.