Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Brooks Launch Review

This is my first thoughts about the launch, just finished a 10 mile run, out of the box...
For being a preformance trainer, the launch offers lot of cushioning and support. My first impression was that the shoe was way to soft in the front, it felt like had a pillow under my foot.
But as the run went a long I adjusted to the feeling and the softness.
The shoe has a great fit and snugs your foot well. My first run took me over some trails and I was suprised how well the shoe preformed, it actually felt very stable.
The responsivness is great and is a pretty flexble shoe with a good toe off.
This review will get updated as I will continue to evaluate the shoe during the journey to Boston Marathon. At this point it really feel like this shoe can stand up for the though challenge that Boston is going to offer.....More to come

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Adidas Marathon 10

First run today with the brand new Adidas Marathon 10. I didn't know what to expect from this shoe really when I order it, is it going to be more like a sneaker or is a real running shoe. The answer is, yes indeed, the marathon 10 is a great performance trainer and it has a great old school look with fabulous colors.
The review will be more complete after a couple of weeks as today's run was only covered 4 miles. Marathon 10 is definitely in the race to become my Boston shoe......
More to come.....

Another run with the marathon 10. Yesterday I took out the shoes for a 8 mile run, very hilly. As the shoe is very low built to the ground, it felt like the Adipren didnt manage to offer the support and cushioning I'm looking for in a Marathon shoe. I might be the feeling you're looking for in a racing flat, but as the Marathon 10 is a preformance trainer it didnt do the job. Today my ancles are sore and my old ITB's started to come back.
I was looking for more responsivness but the Marathon 10 had a flat affect, and the it was not really flexible.
The layout of the the shoe is minimalistic and do not offer minimal support, I had actually problems with the heel, wich felt to low, the feeling was that the shoe was going to come off. At this point I'm dissapointed at Adidas as the old Marathon has a great reputation along runners. Im going to give the shoes more trys, but at this point the Marathon 10 is out of the question as the Boston shoe for me......

Friday, February 5, 2010

Gettinig Started

I started this blog to share my experiences of running and to basically try to cover my journey to Boston Marathon 2010. I'll try to review gear, music, races on the way or just anything that comes on my mind...........So here we go, in the next couple of days i'll start to test out shoes for the Boston Marathon, first up for review will be Brooks Launch and Marathon 10. Check back soon agiona for reviews of those two preformance trainers......I can tell you right now, I love the colours, and being a Swede you cant go wrong with the blue and yellow Marathon 10