Monday, April 7, 2014

New Skechers GORun website!

Yesterday, SKECHERS Performance Division released their new website: The new website has a lot of running related information along with some great videos about SKECHERS athletes and products!

Check it out!


Friday, April 4, 2014

Mojo Compression Sleeves Review

Mojo is a fairly new brand to me. When representing Skecher Performance Division during NYC Marathon last year. Mojo had its booth across from Skechers. Of course the Swedish colored products caught my attention!

Who are Mojo (From Mojo Website):
"Founded and based in Brooklyn, New York - our philosophy is to create products which will advance Sport Performance & Recovery.
MoJo design & materials are developed by Mo Blinder who has been developing, manufacturing and distributing in the medical compression industry for 15+ years.
Mo is a weekend Cyclist and a daily Swimmer who wanted to create cutting edge Performance and Recovery garments with funky, sport driven designs, materials and patterns.
Working closely with professional athletes and designers Mo has tailored the MoJo sock into something that you will want to wear."

Fit: I chose to use Sleeves as Im really picky with my socks. Mojo sleeves has what I would call standard 20-30mmHg Support. I have used the sleeves in both competition and training. The sleeves offer a nice firm compression and I feel the compression are at the right spots for me. Some sleeves can be to tight over my calves, but this was not the case with Mojo. During long runs and competition I feel I can trust Mojo to stay up. Sometime you get the feeling that your sleeves are going to come down as soon as you start to run. This was not the case with Mojo. In fact the sleeves had a great feeling, giving you the secure feeling you need. I always judge my compression gear how they feel after a few turns in my washer. Mojo passed the test here as well, and continues to offer the same amount of compression.

Conclusion: Mojo offer a wide variety of compression gear for your legs. Products are in the right price range, not over priced like compression gera often can be. My Sleeves has been tested during a tough NJ winter, racing and all kind of work outs. The product offers what Im looking for when it comes to compression, a nice firm compression. You dont have to worry about the sleeves sliding down and the product hold up over time. Mojo will be my choice of sleeve at Boston Marathon this year!


Disclaimer: The compression sleeves was sent to "therunningswede" free of charge for review. Review and thoughts are writers opinion after been testing the product this spring. 

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Boston Marathon less then 3 weeks

After miles for music 20K I took a few days off, as my hamstring started tight up. I did some biking and core work out inside to keep the momentum going. Recovery went well and I was back on the roads already after 2 days. Friday I did my long run, with some marathon pace segments, I did feel my ITB in the end but it was run able, nothing big....I was wrong, next morning, I had to stop after 1 mile. My ITB often flares up if I take a few days off and gets lazy with stretching, also doing the plank on a regularly basis has been great for me. I guess I have been a bit sloppy with this and boom there it is ITB......Lot of ice, Aleve and foam roall did the trick. Usually it takes 1-2 days and Im back on my feet. This time I also tried StrengthTape. Not sure if it helped but I had some extra support.
This week I have been back on schedule. Friday is going to be the big test for ITB as I have planned to the long run, again with lot of tempo involved. Next will be a bit slower as I'm going to start put an edge on the peak!

Current shoe rotation:
Skechers GoRun3
Skechers GoMeb Speed2
Skechers GoBionic2
Skechers GoRun Ride3


Feetures! Elite

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Skechers Performance YouTube Reviews

Vice President of Technical Development Kurt Stockbridge walks you trough the GoRun line up!





GoMeb Speed2

Skechers Performance Division Youtube Chanel:

Bioskin Compression Shorts Review

When searching for Compression shorts, I came across the brand Bioskin. What differs Bioskin from most of the other brands on the running market is that they are made of a thicker material with a really firm compression. Bioskin is also one of the most expensive shorts on the market.
"Bio Skin is a unique, patented material designed to provide high-level compression without creating any discomfort. The material is thin and gives radial compression, so it conforms nicely to the curves of the body. Its breathable, allowing perspiration to evaporate through it, and its neoprene free, latex free, and hypo-allergenic so you don't have to worry about skin reactions. Wearing the BioSkin compression short product is a satisfying experience because it is breathable, light, thin, strong, odorless, and extremely durable. 18-20 mm Hg compression"

Initial thoughts.
The shorts comes with instructions how to put them on. Right away I notices how firm and stiff the material really was. After putting them one for the first time, I realized that I probably will not be able to run in these. Material was too thick and the firm compression on upper legs were to much. I also noticed that the shorts did not fit snug enough on my lower thighs, material where way to lose in this area. I have been using these short for recovery only.

Fit: Compression is very firm if you can get the fit and size right. I sent  all my required measurements to Bioskin, still I can not get perfect fit. The shorts also slides down easy and I have to adjust them/pull them up every 5 minutes. Seams are very present, and for me at the wrong places. During a hike I had to stop and put my gloves inside the shorts as protection from the razor sharp seams. Waistband does not have a string to secure fit.

With the poor fit, razor sharp seams and firm thick materials, I could not use the Bioskin for running. The shorts wont stay up, seams create chafing and the loose fit on lower thighs. I have used Bioskin for recovery mainly and I have to say that I can feel a great compression on the upper thighs when using them. But the adjusting of the shorts is very annoying. Room for improvements are: Flat seams, to avoid chafing. Better fit and shape of the short, so they offer compression all the way. Waistband with string. For running, the shorts material needs to be thinner. The thick fabrics interfere with the running/gait in my opinion.

Great compression for recovery.

Poor fit, wont stay up, lose fit lower thighs.
Materials to thick for running.
Chafing, seams are razor sharp
Stiff price, close to $100

Bio Skin Compression Shorts:

The shorts was sent to therunningswede, free of charge for review.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Sometimes a few words makes the difference!

" Kurt, i so appreciate the vision and leadership that you bring to this tribe - and Stefan, you've been one of the most prominent voices on social media for Skechers Performance and i've been a fan for a while!"

Thanks Patrick Voo for the kind words!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Boston Tune Up.....

Did the Miles for Music 20K over the weekend. Had some hamstring issues prior to the race, after my mid-week work out, I felt a some pressure point in right hamstring. Nothing big but they were there. I took a couple of easy days and thought I would be able to do Miles for Music 20K. I did warm and felt that I could give it a push, felt some tightness but nothing to worry about. Legs really good, plan was to start at marathon pace and work down to half marathon pace. At start it was very cold and windy. I started up well paces around 6:35 ish. I had no problems controlling the pace, I started to work down toward half marathon pace. Unfortunately at 7.5 mile mark, my hamstring had enough and started to cramp up a bit. I decided to play it safe and called it a day. At this point I started to hunt down runners in front of me and I felt really good. Legs extremely good and no problems with pace.

A couple of x-training days now and I will be all fit to do the last push toward Boston Marathon.
Great to feel good legs, but not really happy about taking a few days off at this point. Hopefully I can keep current form with smart recovery and cross training!