Monday, June 30, 2014

All 1 5K Run/Walk for Sussex Christian School

Last minute call do this 5K. It was a really hot and humid morning. The Woodbourne Park offers a really challenging course, rolling hills and sharp turns on small park paths. Impossible to keep a rhythm and pace. The plan was to use it more as a fast workout

Not much of competition and I had to run most of the race myself. Always nice to win but I like the more racing aspect where you pace and race against others. After 5 seconds I was by myself. Tried to keep a decent pace but it got tough in the sun and with the small step hills and turns.

Second lap you had to pass walker and slower runners. At times they ignored you and you had to take wide turns around them out on the grass.  Tried to finish strong as the last 30 seconds are kind of flat.

Always nice to win but I wished it had been more competition so you could have pushed yourself more.

Shoes: Skechers GoMeb Speed2 #goelite
Fuel: IGnite INrefresh #realfood
Socks: Feetures! Elite #feetures!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Summer Solstice 5 Mile Trail

This is one of my favorite races. Great very hilly and challenging course. Weather this year was hot and humid. Not really my kind of weather.

Start: The start is on a big grass field approximately 200m away from the trails. Its always a battle to get in first to the the trails to get a good position. I was 4th this time.

The first mile is very challenging with a couple of really step climbs and declines. I felt I had a decent pace and I wanted to save my legs for the last two miles. Kind of ran controlled. After the first leg of trails I was sixth. Mile 2-3 are mostly on soft rail beds. I had hoped to pick up the pace a little bit better here but legs did not really respond. Before the second legs of trail I had moved up to fourth and could see the third guy in front of me. I did a push before the trails to move in as fourth.

Second leg of trails are brutal, mainly the third mile is uphill, step. On the second climb the runner behind made a push and passed me, I figured I might catch him later if I kept a steady pace over the hills. I didn't. Last mile the decline is hard and you have to be careful, here my stomach cramped up a little bit but I opened up my gait and it was ok.  Over all I did a great race, manged the pace well in the heat. Ended up finish 5th and overall winner in the master division.
I love this race and I will be back next year for sure!

Shoes: Skechers GoBionic Trail #GoElite
Socks: Feetures Elite #Feetures!
Fuel: Ignite Reload gel and InRefresh Electrolyte drink #realfood