Monday, May 12, 2014

Back to racing, Dora Pedersen 5K

After Boston Marathon, my legs, body and mind has been very tired and feeling beige. I have been trying to pick up speed at times but my body and legs has not responded well. I took one week off after Boston and have been running with an every other day approach after that. I have not been to worried about my legs as I know they will finally respond but I have to admit that motivation takes a turn when legs does not respond.

I had planned for Dora Pedersen 5K and a possible a 2 runner Poconos Marathon relay.

Dora Pedersen 5K was this weekend. Anything under 20min would have been great, I ended up ding 18:31. It was a very humid day so, I Im very satisfied with the time and a third place. First mile was 5:40, I know I need to be around this pace to be able to get times under 18. Hopefully with lot of faster times over the summer I will get there.

I decided to not do the Pocono Marathon relay. Legs are better but I dont feel it would have been a great choice for my legs at this point. Instead I will do Lake Mohawk 8.2 mile run next weekend. I great race in a great spot!

Current shoe rotation:

Skechers GoMeb Speed2
Skechers GoBionic2
Skechers GoRun3

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