Thursday, January 31, 2013

More Go Run Speed....

Skechers has provided me with more information about this Go Run Speed. According to
Go Run Speed does have a "Adios feeling". That itself should attract a ton of runners!
Read my first sneak peek here:

Here’s some additional tech info:

·       MSRP: $110
·       Launching at retail in March 2013.  This is Meb’s racing flat that’s now available for consumers
·       4 mm drop racing shoe with a narrow last and less cushioning – built for speed
·       A carbon fiber stability plate in the midfoot provides a supportive and secure run
·       Lightweight: 7.5 oz (men’s 9) 5.8 oz (women’s 6)
·       Engineered to promote a natural gait with a midfoot strike zone
·       Seamless upper with microfiber lining (can be worn for barefoot running)
·       GOimpulse sensors on the sole provide responsive feedback

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Skechers Go Run Speed

   Skechers has provided me with some information and pics of the brand new Go Run Speed. Mebs flat during the London Olympics 2012!

Skechers built this shoe for Meb, for racing and speed work.  The retail version is exactly the same except for fit… since Meb requires a narrow Last.   The shoe is stiff… just the way Meb likes it and is also built to provide plenty of cushioning and responsiveness for long races and tempo runs.   Go Run Speed is to be released in April.

 Here are the specs below:

Friday, January 25, 2013

Skechers Go Run Ride Review

I have to admit that I was skeptic when I was told that Skechers were going to release running shoes. Mostly because of Skechers attempts in past to create different kind of exercise shoes, at time ridiculously looking. Then Skechers announced that Meb Keflezighi would run in Skechers and runners around including me started to be more curious. Skechers first release was GoRun, a 4mm drop shoe that promote a mid foot strike. I was tempted to give this shoe a try but after I been reading some mixed reviews a decided to wait. The biggest complain was the aggressive mid foot "bump". According to  reviews the "bump" was suppose be less aggressive on the new Go Run Ride. So I decided to give Skechers a try......

 Skechers GO Run Ride Web site info:

  • Innovative placement allows the GOimpulse sensors to move together and independently
  • Dynamic interaction helps to enhance sensory feedback and to promote a more responsive run
  • M-Strike Technology™ promotes a Mid-Foot Strike
  • Radically lightweight - No extra material, no extra weight, nothing to slow you down
  • 360 Degree Responsive Flexibility - SKECHERS GOrun flexes and twists allowing your foot to move more naturally
  • Sockless Running - Integrated OrthoLite® anti-microbial removable sockliner helps inhibit odor and prevent slippage
  • Roomier Forefoot - Extra space to reduce friction and allow your toes to spread, grip and push off
  • 4mm Heel Drop - substantially less heel drop than traditional running or training shoes to bring you closer to a natural barefoot experience
  • Resalyte™ Midsole - Proprietary lightweight midsole compound provides just the right impact absorption
  • Construction:

  • Nearly weightless synthetic and mesh fabric upper
  • Nearly seamless flexible upper with lace up front
  • Stay-put tongue
  • Soft smooth fabric shoe lining for easy barefoot wear
  • GOrun Ride features a more cushioned Resalyte™ midsole
  • Adds a toe-off GOimpulse sensor on sole
  • Weight: Radically lightweight 7.8 oz per shoe based on a men's size 9

    • The Upper

      The upper is very minimalistic with a soft stretchy mesh and a few over lays. The feeling is very sock like and the foot get really locked down. The heel cup does not have any kind of structure just enhanced mesh and a overlay. I was skeptic about the heel fir and a possible slippage but the heel really stays put. Nothing to worry about. Mesh is breathable and does not create any hotspots for me. The tongue is of a thicker neoprene ish material and and is integrated with the mesh all the way up for a better fit. At time the tongue get folded where attache to mesh and can possible create a hot spot.  The laces could have been of better quality as the get twisted fast and could possible create hotspots.

      Salty Rides...

      The Midsole

      The midsole of the GO Run Ride, uses the same compound as GO Run,  Skechers Resalyte™  a very lightweight and resilient compound . I have almost 200 miles on my Go Run Rides and the compound does not show any sign of break down. As with other compounds Resalyte responds really well when you are picking up the pace. Im pleasantly surprised how well Resalyte works. On the Ride the midsole is a bit thicker the GoRun but still has the 4mm drop. The midsole is very flexible and the  M-strike "bump" is still present but not as aggressive. In fact when I get my legs going a bit faster the "bump" is not even noticeable.

      The Outsole

        The outsole is created by several GOimpulse sensors™. These sensors according to Skechers  are independent circular sensors that are supposed to deliver feedback for an interactive running experience. Some of the are covered with rubber including the midfoot "M-strike" area. In reality this means that the Resalyte compound take most of the beat, but the pads has not shown much wear after 200 miles. I noticed the first 50 miles that the pads went down scary fast but after this it stopped, and I would say that Go Run Ride shows normal wear and tear after 200 miles. A big issue I have is all the stones and pebbles the outsole collects a specially in the heel part. After each run I probably pull out 10 new pebbles.....
      Stone Collectors..


      I think Skeckers are listening to there  customers and are improving their shoes. Go Run Ride is not a perfect shoe but after been reading Go Run reviews it seem to that Go Run Ride is an improvement. This shoe has been tested in all kind of weather and training conditions and it can be used for pretty much anything. The shoe really shines when you get up on the midfoot and you are picking up your pace. The upper is great with its sock like fit but could use higher end laces and be careful when you lace up so the tongue does not fold. Ride come in an Ultra version (more open mesh) and a weather protection version as well. With this shoe I get more curious about what Skechers has to offer in the future.

      Disclosure of Material Connection: I receive Running shoes from Skechers Performance Division as part of their Skecher Performance Division brand ambassador program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

      Tuesday, January 22, 2013

      Pearl Izumi EM on

      Most of the Pearl Izumi EM shoes are now up on . Bright colors and tons of information about the shoes........You can also find all promtion videos for the EM project!

      Friday, January 18, 2013

      Shoe companies are killing their shoes?

      A couple a months ago Brooks announced that they would discontinued their shoe "Launch" and "The Green Silence" (GS), to make more room for the some what new PURE PROJECT.....Brooks fans all over the world kind of went crazy. Brooks made sure that the new PURE shoes would fill the gap after the shoes but the fans was not happy and the protests continues. A few months later Brooks posted a blog announcing that they would keep  "Launch"and made a 180 degree turn over, "Green Silence" are still to be discontinued.
      Now it seems like Mizuno is going the same route. Mizuno has already announced that they will discontinue Nexus but the rumors says that one of the best looking shoes out there Elixir is meeting the same destiny. Mizuno has also announced the new Sayonara  to replace Precision. Mizuno might reconsider this as Precision won some rewards and got a lot of publicity.

      Over the years Adidas has also been know for killing lot of shoes according to some of my Adidas die hard fans over in Europe.

      Is it right to discontinue shoes for what ever the reason it is? Will runners stay with the company and try the new model or move on to another brand. Lot of tricky question to be answered. Let say if you have been running in the Mizuno Precision for 13 years (Precision 13 is out now) Would you automatically move on to Sayonara? And is Elixir selling that bad, Elixir has a lot of hard core fans out there? By replacing these model, do they really think that the new shoe will sell so much better? I can see what Brooks did try to achieve. They wanted to give the new PURE line a booze and were hoping to get Launch and GS users over, but Mizuno is just replacing one shoe with another, no big changes. The Sayonara could have been a Precision 14. Hopefully Mizunos runners will stay with the replacements, but again wouldn't it have been better to just keep Elixir and Precision?

      Brooks did the right thing by keeping the Launch for sure and perhaps the GS users will find a good replacement in the PURE PROJECT, like Flow or Cadence. Hopefully the Mizuno runner will do the same. But the shoe companies are really gambling with its customers and runners according to me. Some bad publicity at different forums changed Brooks mind, I wonder if Mizuno will do the same?

      Wednesday, January 16, 2013

      Tifosi Podium Review

      During my years of cycling and running I have been trying a lot of different sunglasses. For some reason I wear the glasses in almost every weather conditions. It kind of just feel right to me. For me good sunglasses should protect you from all weather elements and everything mother earth has to offer, including big bugs. Today I'm preparing for Boston marathon 2013 and log apx 65 miles per week, so for me a good pair of sunglasses is important. In the past I have been using brands like NIKE, Julbo, Briko, some smaller brands I cant not even remeber and lately Oakley and their Jawbones. The jawbones never felt right, although Oakleys optics are outstanding. To me the jawbones felt heavy and clumsy, I never got the feeling for them and they never felt fast. Oakley has more lighter sunglasses to offer but I felt I was done with them, mostly because of the price tag.

      So when I started to train for Marine Corp Marathon 2012, I started to look for something lighter. I have always kept my eyes on Tifosi Optics but its not until now that I decided to buy a pair. I was looking for "frame less" sunglasses that also cover the face a bit more. In this category  you find brands like Smith Optics (PivLock) and Oakley (Radar, still have the frame above the lenses). When looking at this glasses I decided to try Tifosi Podium out. Basically because they had the best price tag and also had the best look.

      The Podiums I have been using when running is the metallic red framed ones. The red frame  includes a fototec lenses. Tifosi offer four other colors of the Podium, all these comes with three different lenses. The four other colors of the frames are, matte black, metallic silver, neon orange and sky blue. Tifosi also offer a smaller version called: Podium S

      Lenses: The frame attach to the side of the lenses and the lenses offer a great view, nothing that interfere with your sight. The fotoec technology could have been more affective. To be honest with you, I can not even tell the difference from day to day and I kind of feel like they should be darker during really sunny days and lighter during less shiny. To me the lenses stay the same a pretty much every weather conditions. If I would have ordered the glasses today, most likely I would have choose one of the one with the three lenses for more options. The glasses and the lenses has not fogged up once to date and that is one of my top priorities when looking at sunglasses. I can not stand a pair of sunglasses that fogs up during your run. One concern is the quality of the lenses, after a month of usage, I found small cracks around the noose tip. I contacted Tifosi and they offered to  take a look at them for a $15 fee. I choose not do this as good custom service for a damage product should be free.

      Fit: The Podiums really shines here! You can pretty much bend all the parts until the fit you like a glove. During the run, they stay put and you don't even notice that you carry sunglasses. Myself did not need much adjustments, just a few bends and I was ready to go.

      Conclusion: Tifosi has a really good product here, with an awesome fit. Bend them right and they will stay put.  They do not fog up but the fototec lenses could offer more. Today I would have bought the three lenses option. The quality could be a problem. My glasses got cracks around the noose part already after a couple of weeks. The cracks has not expand after this and I do not notice them while running. They are just annoying to me when looking at my Podiums. And as said above I really feel like Tifosi should offer a free service for a product that is damaged after a couple of weeks old .
      With Tifosi I have found glasses that I really like with an awesome fit and do not have to look back after my expensive Oakley Jawbones. Price-wise the Tifosi's are simply unbeatable!

      Monday, January 14, 2013

      Running in Central Park NYC

      Over the weekend we did a guided tour in Central Park. Great tour with a great guided, although he did not have clue about New York Marathon and its Central Park history (of course I had to ask :) ). While going around in the park I could not avoid all the runners. Thousands and thousands. Although I have not tried running in the Park yet, I do not count the NYC Marathon is in the park and I ran the marathon 2011. Ended up laying on my back, nicely stretched out over the Central park road watching the sky....  with cramp in both legs. (Thank God the the guy who helped me out!). Its a dream to discover new areas in the park while running. You don't have to be alone, you will find any kinds of runners, speed and styles at all times of the day (Park close at 1AM and opens up @ 6AM). You will get amazed about the amount of runners who are running in the park for sure. The only problem that I can see is shower after the run, if you re not living in the City. As me who are living in NJ its and issue, possible you can buy a day pass at a gym to solve this problem.
      Photo by
      As a shoe geek I couldn't resist to check out all the shoes. I was surprised by the dominance of ASICS, I would say that ASICS had 75% share of the Central Park runners, Newtons were more represented then I expected and no Vibrams to be seen at all.....I wonder if NYC marathon has an impact as they have ASICS as their main sponsor and a store by Bryant park?

      If you re a runner and are planning to visit New York City, Central Park is a most. The park has so much to offer and when you are done with your running or even better do the guided tour by Better Adventures before your run and suck in all the Great spots during your run, I can highly recommend it!

      Thursday, January 10, 2013

      Plyometrics for runners....

      For Boston marathon this year Reno Stirrat has been coaching me and I have been trying to incorporate some Plyometric exercises. Here are some suggestions from Reno and

      Wednesday, January 9, 2013

      Winter Running

      Boston Marathon training means that you have to log most of your miles during the cold winter months. The last couple of years the winter has been pretty kind to us here in NJ, USA. With only a few days were the temperature has been dropping really low and way below ZERO (thank God). Wind, snow, sun and rain are all big factors when you decide what to wear for the day. I have to admit that I have big issues finding the right clothes for my runs. I'm a big sweater so generally winter running fits me much better then the hot humid summer days, but if you get your clothes wrong during your winter running, even a easy run might feel hard as you will sweat a  lot under your layers, this is my biggest issue. I like the cold weather for running but I'm also a big wimp and a "freezing onion" (Swedish saying fryslök), so I tend to over dress a lot. When you get to warm, in most of the cases its to late to get undressed as you have already started to sweat and therefor your clothes are wet. Many of the weather sites has the "true feeling temp" feature, a good tool to help you to adjust your clothing for the day. My problem might also be a northern USA east coast phenomena, I understand that other states like Minnesota and Maine (also Northern east coast but way up there...) are very cold and it might be easy to adjust clothing's before the run as it is very cold and stays that way. In NJ the temperatures varies a lot and it gets harder to adjust, just a thought.........


      The base layers is my corner stone when it comes to get the clothing right, a great base layer will keep you warm and dry. For base layer I have always put my trust in the CRAFT of Sweden, outstanding base layers. I got my first CRAFT (or stole it from my dad :) )1986 and its still going strong. Lately I have been trying a base layer from Mizunos breath thermo line with big succes. CRAFT and Mizuno layers are equal but if I have to choose its CRAFT.....As stated above i still use a CRAFT from 1986 (the traditional dark blue one) and of course I'm Swedish so that might have a small impact ;) but Mizuno does a pretty damn good job here.

      Last year I invested in wind protected under wear and damn what a difference it makes. The vital parts....well you don't wont to get them cold and this made the difference for me. One of the best investments I have ever done.....I have been having good luck with Asics Men's ASX Boxer.

      When it comes to socks, I go with wool all the way. I hate to have cold toes and I freeze easily. Lot of runners talk about Gore Tex shoes or what ever the different shoe companies calls there material they use for weather protection. For me wool socks is the way to go. Smartwool and lately Darn Tough has been keeping my feet warm during extreme cold weather.

      My hair and head gets really wet from sweat so a good wind protected that can breath hat is to recommend. All brands has them. Gore running has been working decent during the mild winter weather. For extreme cold weather I add a headband under or/and ear mufflers......

      Enjoy your winter running, stay warm and dry!

      Tuesday, January 8, 2013

      Almost on the list......

      Some shoes deserve to be mentioned on the list of 2013 running shoes! Going by brand.....

      Mizuno: Mizuno has not been interested in the natural/minimal running scene until now. This year two bran new shoes are introduced: Mizuno Evo Cursoris  and Mizuno Evo Levitas, both shoes with a ZERO drop. Levitas is the more race alike of the both, good review here: 

      Mizuno had a big success 2012 with the Precision who won a few rewards. Mizuno was planning to discontinue the Precision to make room for the new Sayonara. Some Mizuno reps has indicated that Mizuno will continue with both shoes for this year..Sayonara has the new Mizuno U4IC midsole unti, U4IC is a new midsole Mizuno created in the labs in Japan, a lot lighter yet more resilient. No secret I was a big fan of the Mizuno AERO, so I'm kind of curious about the new Sayonara. Unfortunately the design does not catch my eye, Its kind of looks like a Saucony Kinvara on speed. Its funny with the Mizuno designers, most of the time they get it righ tand makes for sure the best looking shoes on the market. But they also get it totally wrong in sometimes, like the new Elixir 8, with 7th edition they had the best looking shoe on the market but the 8th looks like an ugly disco ball. It works for some but not for me. The same with Sayonara, it just dosent work for me.....No info yet about the drop ( I would love to see this shoe 4mm, but that will not happen)

      Saucony: Kinvara 4 of course and the new Virratata. saucony does the changes I could see them doing. By adding a softer mesh and adding some cush to the heel by adding the new powerGrid. Some info here: Not that Im interested really in ZERO drop shoes but the new Saucony Virrata looks really nice. A more faster and cushioning shoe with a ZERO drop. Could be something to try......

      Monday, January 7, 2013

      My shoe list for 2013

      So I'm trying to transition toward a more Midfoot stike. So far so good. My legs feels better, shins fresher and I recover faster after my runs. Part of the transition have been 4mm drop shoes. They have really been working great for me and it seems like 4mm is the sweet spot and the way to go. Since December 2012 I have been using Saucony Kinvara 3 and Skechers GoRun Ride (Review is coming soon). So my list for 2013 will cover 4mm shoes, during 2013 I might try zero drop shoes but at this point I dont see a need for that.

      In no particular order:
      • Saucony  Fastwitch 6 ( Runningwarehouse sneak peak). Saucony has shaved of apx 1oz of Fastwitch 5. It come naturally to me to go with the same brand as my to go shoe Kinvara. ame drop and hopefully same feeling. The 6th edition carry over the midsole unit from 5. The changes are in the upper. Lighter mesh and Sauconys Flexfilm technology. Fastwitch 6 comes in right under 7 oz, release date early Feb 2013 . 

      • Pearl Izumi E:motion N1. PI's new running shoe line I have presented earlier here on the blog. The dynamic offset sounds really interesting to me, but a big question is what the really heel drop is. Not that it really matter if you really have a mid foot strike, but I believe it has for me as I'm in the middle of a transition. On my blog you can find most of the Emotion and N1 information here: . Ni is the one I have my eyes on and it might be a Boston Marathon 2013contender.........

      • Skechers Go Run 2 has already been released. Now with a less aggressive Midfoot strike "bump". The pods on the outsole has been remodeled in order to collect less pebbles during your run. Both this upgrades are very welcomed by me. The upper has also been a updated. I'm very impressed by my Skechers GoRun Ride and its upper. The upper has a sock like feeling and it snugs your foot perfectly. If they have succeed to do an even better upper on the GoRun 2 the shoe might be a 2013 best shoe contender!

      • Skechers Go Speed/ Go Meb. What! Skechers gets two shoes on the list! yes that is right! While other shoe companies are laughing at Skechers, they better start to take Sketcher seriously. Skechers will take shares on the market for sure. By adding Mebs Olympic racer to the line, they will have a more complete performance shoe line with five really good shoes. Not much info has leek about racer but it was on Meb's feet during the London Olympics 2012, placing fourth and best American! Some info here from runblogger: Another contender for Boston Marathon for me, if it gets released in time. Skechers says April for the release.

      Friday, January 4, 2013

      100 Days until Boston Marathon

      100 days......

      Yes it is 100 days left until Boston Marathon. Training has been not more then OK. During the Holidays I was down with a bad cold and could not run for 3 days. Usually I'm not sick and during December 2012 I was down two times.
      Im looking forward and I'm optimistic. When Im running it feels really good and part of it is the change to 4mm drop shoes. My legs feels much fresher after my runs and I recover faster. Also the change to running distance-tips coaching is an improvement and we are moving ahead more carefully. So 100 days it is!

      Thursday, January 3, 2013

      Saucony Kinvara 3 review

      Kinvara 3 Review

      I had the opportunity to be a test runner for the Saucony Kinvara summer 2011. I was really excited as I was a big fan of the first edition of the Kinvara. The test version I received had a more open stretchy mesh, but the down side was that the flex film technology didn't stick to it. The shoe was also a lot softer. My advice to Sacouny at that point was to rename this shoe because it was far from the first edition of the Kinvara that I use to love. Thank God saucony changed the shoe I tested.......

      This is how Saucony explain the shoe plus the tech data:

      "So much technology, so little shoe. We’ve redesigned the look of our most popular shoe, but kept the fit, feel and ride consistent with its predecessor. The upper now features FlexFilm™, a strong yet pliable material innovation that adapts to your foot and provides a lightweight, seamless feel. Inside the shoe, anatomically-contoured memory foam heel pods secure a perfect fit. In the midsole, ProGrid™ technology provides a unique blend of responsiveness and cushion, and the heel crashpad has been beveled for an even smoother ride as the runner transitions through the gait cycle. Finally, after examining wear patterns on hundreds of test shoes, the outsole was upgraded through the addition of placements of carbon rubber for enhanced durability. Weight: 7.7 oz./ 218 gm."


      Flex Film™
      Thin, flexible film welded onto the upper that is supportive and lightweight, used to reduce layers

      Memory Foam Heel Pods
      Strategically-placed memory foam in the heel provides a heel pocket for a snug fit

      Hydramax Collar Lining
      A superior lining material that has great moisture-wicking properties as well as a plush hand feel


      Heel ProGrid
      20% more responsive than EVA, ProGrid™ provides incredible cushioning in a light weight

      High Abrasion EVA (EVA+)
      Saucony's extremely lightweight grade of EVA with cushioning and durability

      4mm Offset
      Heel-to-toe differential of the shoe, excluding the strobel board and sockliner


      A carbon rubber outsole material that offers exceptional traction properties without sacrificing durability

      Triangular Lug Design
      Provides traction and durability

      The clearly changed the mesh from the shoe I tested. Unfortunately this mesh is not as stretchy at the one I testes. The feel is almost "paper" like. I believe the saucony engineers had issues finding a way for the Flex film to stay put. As pictures of the new Kinvara 4 has been released Saucony has been changing the upper already to what it looks like a more flexible stretchy mesh. I dont have any really issues or hot spots but the feel could be a bit more snugger.

      Kinvara 3 is definitely firmer then the fist edition, you find also a bit more midsole, so the feel is that Kinvara 3 is "more" of a shoe. The midsole softens up a bit after 50 miles but when its really cold outside the midsole is kind of on the firmer side. The test version was to soft and if Saucony can get something in between this firmness it could possible improve the shoe.  

      The rubber has been more spread out to more strategically places. This was something that I had worries about as my background as heel striker. but Kinvara really shines here and I have nothing to worry about. The rubber cover the part of the outsole where you land.
      Over all:
      Kinvara is a great shoe and the 4mm is a real sweet spot for me. My gait use to be a heavy heel stiker but it look like the Kinvara is helping me to "correct" it. The upper could have a snugger fit but as stated above it does it job well. Kinvara 3 can be used for anything, during my first 120 miles I have done tempos, hills, intervals and 20+ mile runs. This is where this shoe really shines, you can use to anything. The price tag is around $100 and for that price Kinvara3 is unbeatable.