Boston Marathon 2013

The training for Boston 2013 has started. This year I'm using my friend Reno Stirrat as coach. I have to say that I'm already feeling better then  the MCM training. It might be a placebo affect, but I also have lot of the MCM training left in my legs. Boston training and winter training has always fitted me better then Summer training. Its no secret that I'm a big sweater so that might be why....As always my goal is to break Sub3. I had big hopes to accomplish this at MCM but the race felt so funky. I never found a comfortable rythm and I was thinking of dropping out several of times. It easy to come up with excuses, but after I got the flu shot at work, two weeks ahead of the race I felt very tired. The day before the race I had to go back to the hotel room for 3 hrs of sleep. I was exhausted?!? So now Im back in full force with Reno Stirrat and Running-Distance-Tips.