Monday, October 21, 2013

F2F Hot Chilli Challenge

I always try to do F2F's races. Great organization and its for a great cause. So I had decided to just take it easy as I still recover from SteamTown Marathon. Well it did not happen, I'm to competitive. After the start legs felt good and I was on 5th place after the big grass field were the start took place.
When we were hitting the single trails I was behind two runners who did not keep up with the pace I had in mind, so when we hit one of the hills around mile 2 I passed them. One of them had more gas in the legs and started to chase me, I still had a few seconds. At this point my calves were trashed, pretty much the same feeling I had during the SteamTown. Runnable but very painful and thight. The rest of my body felt fine and I was really motivated. I gained some time on the guy behind on the hills but he was faster then me on the flat parts. By mile 5 we missed a turn, it was clearly not marked and the volunteers was not out in time. I knew that the last 3 miles were going to be very hilly and if I could just keep the pace, I would beat the runner behind me. I popped a gel at mile 5 as well. By mile 6 we hit some good hills and the guy behind me lost time again, at the same time I could feel some more energy coming. Probably some from the gel and the fact that I was stronger then the guy behind. I knew the rest of the course would be hilly and I was stronger then the guy behind. I know had a 10 second lead. I kept my pace strong and the last mile I pushed a bit extra. I finished strong and are happy with the race in general. New PB for the course....

Again I used Skechers GoBionic Trail. The terrain was really hilly and very rocky. Pretty much all hills knife sharp rocks. The GoBionic trails kept me close to the ground and offered enough of protection against the rocks. The grip was outstanding, despite some rain during the week and all the leafs. I couldn't ask for more from a trail shoe. legs (not calves) anf feet were great after the race, not bruised.

Really happy to finish third. Probably not a good idea to race this short after a marathon as my calves took a hit again. But again, it was for a great cause!

Distance came up short this year, last year it was to long. GPS does not work as good over hilly terrain I guess. All cred to F2F and the Scheid brothers who won the race, amazing, fast guys!


  1. great work stefan! and another reason for me to try the gobionic trails!

  2. Good job and congrats on the PB. I've used the GObionic Trail for training and they're awesome but have yet to use them for an actual trail race. I have one coming up in November over here (The Salomon Trail Run) so I'm looking forward to giving them a race day test.

  3. Thanks all. Bionic Trail is a really nice trail shoe. Fast with low profile and awesome grip!