Thursday, October 17, 2013

GoRun Douglas McCarthy & Hazel Hill

A couple of months ago my friend and musician Douglas (Nitzer Ebb, DJMREX) contacted me and asked about my opinion regarding zero drop shoes, Douglas had Merrel's in mind. I asked Douglas if he would like to try Skechers GoBionic's instead and my friends at Skechers Performance Division, fitted Douglas and his wife visual artist Hazel Hill McCarthy III in some GoBionics. So far Douglas and Hazel really like the feel of the GoBionics and are now on their second pairs, also trying the Trail version.

Douglas and Hazel lives and works out of LA where they often run and hike the trails around the LA surroundings. 
Hazel Hill rocks the Bionic Trail version

After the busy summer/fall touring, remixing Depeche Mode "Should Be Higher" and now in the studio with DJMRex.

Douglas has promised to post some more pictures and write his own GoBionic review!
To be Continued.....

GoRun MoveOn edt maybe............

#Golikeneverbefore Douglas & Hazel!

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  1. Let´s see all of you soon for the Stockholm Marathon then! :) Cooking carbs is on me! ;)