Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Taper, Speed and Beet Juice!

Less then two weeks until SteamTown Marathon, the Taper has started full force. Like for the most of the runners the taper is a really monster for me. Lot of thoughts are spinning in my head, a specially since I was injured and missed out some important runs close to the race. I got a really good week in with 80 + miles on vacation which was a good motivational and confidence booster. This week I have done some marathon pace and half marathon pace runs and been able to recover well from them. Caleb and #wickedbonkproof has been a great help during injury times and  for the the whole Steamtown training. Caleb has been there to answer all my stupid question which has been a huge help....
As always before my marathons I plan to drink Beet Juice, this year I have found some interesting options, called Beet-It  . A Beet Juice shot, with beet juice concentrate, read about it here and how many athletes used it successfully during the 2012 London Olympics! So if you wanna try something new that might help you on the race day, try Beet Juice!
Some good articles about Beet Juice:

A big part of my running is shoes. The last years I have been running all my runs in Skechers Performance Division GoRun shoes. This includes GoRun2, GoRun Ride 2 and GoRun Speed. For the SteamTown Marathon I'm breaking in a new pair of GoRun Speed. For me Speed is the running race flats that works best. Speed has such a great snug feel with a  responsive out sole  for a fast turn over. I use GoRun Speed for all my faster work outs and Speed was a big part of my personal best run in Boston Marathon this year. So for SteamTown marathon I'm lacing up a brand new pair of yellow GoRun Speeds! #GoLikeNeverBefore