Monday, October 7, 2013

Last week

One week to go....Saturday I had a small setback, inner thigh cramped up again. Not sure why this is coming back.It might have to do with my hydration as it has been really humid lately. I have to be more careful with my warm up and cool downs also add more time with ice. Sunday it was back to normal, a bit firm and stiff but I could run without any pain. The humidity killed me although and I was really tired in the end. Now the last week I'll be focusing on easy shake out runs, some speed involved for turn over. As usual lot of help from Caleb, #teamwickedbonkproof and Skechers Performance Division

Nothing beats the colors of the fall here in NJ. Really hard to beat a run when the colors are on fire!

Our beloved Cat Apelsin is missing. During my runs over the I have been running all our back roads several time in hope to find him. Unfortunately not luck yet...

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