Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Skechers GoBionic Trail Review

I haven not been running much on trails the last couple of years, but when I first started my running here in US I picked trail over pavement. I used shoes like Montrail, Brooks Cascadia, The North Face and several of different of INOV-8's. I never really got the wow feeling in any of these shoes although they did the works on the trails here in NJ. This year I have covered 100% of my running using SKECHERS. Light flexible, responsive and with the road feel I have been searching for. So when I sent the GoBionic Trail I was hoping the shoes would offer me the same feel on the trails. Close to the ground, secured grip and a nice feel for the trail (without getting the feet beat up). So here we go....

The upper offers light synthetic mesh with some glued stripes in the arch area to keep the foot in place. The front and toe part has the same stretchy material as the original GoBionic. This offer a roomy toe box without a sloppy feeling. The lacing system is also a carry over from the the road version, pretty much standard. When looking at the shoe is does not look very breathable but been using here in NJ with degrees between 90-100 in July, I can guarantee this shoe breaths pretty well. I also used the shoes for a 5 mile trail race with a higher pace. The foot stays in place and the toes are protected. At this time I have only heard from other runners that the shoe drains really well. The tongue is integrated and keeping unnecessary debris out of the shoe.

The outsole offers a new compound called Resagrip, its pretty much a firmer form of Resalyte. By looking under the shoe you can see how SKECHERS designer has copied the idea of  the flex grooves from the road version but without the having the deep cuts. The grip is superb and a bit sticky, while racing I could focus on the pace and racing and I did not have to be worried about traction. Lugs are bigger then on other shoes I have used in the past again offer a great traction. No mud or rocks stays under the shoe while running. Outsole offers a flexible ride and your feet are protected by a lightweight rock diffusion plate. The ride is very true and close to what the other Skechers shoes offer. You stay close to the ground, trail and nature without getting your feet beat up. Also this shoe can handle the pavement pretty good, not being to firm. 

GoBionic Trail offers a  2 in 1 custom fit - wear with insole for a 4mm heel drop plus enhanced cushioning and protection, or remove the insole for a zero-drop barefoot-like experience. So far I have not tried the shoe with zero drop. I'm pretty happy with the sizing and the feel of the 4mm drop. I do believe this could effect the fit and sizing but as mentioned I have no experience. An Ortholite integrated anti-microbial sockliner helps inhibit odor, which could be good after a sweaty long summer.

Northern NJ  offers rough rocky trails. Often you find your feet being beaten and bruised. The GoBionic Trail has been offering great protection at the same time as they have been giving me the close to the ground feeling I like. I was looking for a shoe that could offer the same feeling asmy road shoes. GoBionic trail is the answer as they offer the same feeling for the trails, close to the ground. The foot stays in place and if you choose to pick up pace the shoes will respond well and offer great traction. Today when other running brands are bringing their shoes closer to the $150 mark. SKECHERS stays at $80. For that price you get according to me a shoe that offers one of the best feelings for the trails with a great traction. Get closer to the trails, get closer to nature. Get GoBionic Trail......

Disclosure of Material Connection: I receive Running shoes from Skechers Performance Division as part of their Skecher Performance Division brand ambassador program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”


  1. After reading several positive reviews of this show I just ordered a pair.

    I have some mechanical difficulties that make shoe selection very important for me. Many shoes exacerbate my issues, I am hoping this will not.

    Thank you for your in depth review!

  2. Would it last long if you use it mainly on concrete/asphalt?

    1. They use a softer rubber so I would say not as long as other Skechers shoes. Its great for transition, running to the trails or parts of your run.

  3. Does this model have the famous midfoot "bump", and if so, is it bothersome to the foot arch?

  4. I also selected a pair of shoes for jogging.I'm anxious to buy a pair of shoes how to ensure reliable and not cause heel pain.I often feel fatigue when using the shoes is not good.Please advise me?