Monday, January 14, 2013

Running in Central Park NYC

Over the weekend we did a guided tour in Central Park. Great tour with a great guided, although he did not have clue about New York Marathon and its Central Park history (of course I had to ask :) ). While going around in the park I could not avoid all the runners. Thousands and thousands. Although I have not tried running in the Park yet, I do not count the NYC Marathon is in the park and I ran the marathon 2011. Ended up laying on my back, nicely stretched out over the Central park road watching the sky....  with cramp in both legs. (Thank God the the guy who helped me out!). Its a dream to discover new areas in the park while running. You don't have to be alone, you will find any kinds of runners, speed and styles at all times of the day (Park close at 1AM and opens up @ 6AM). You will get amazed about the amount of runners who are running in the park for sure. The only problem that I can see is shower after the run, if you re not living in the City. As me who are living in NJ its and issue, possible you can buy a day pass at a gym to solve this problem.
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As a shoe geek I couldn't resist to check out all the shoes. I was surprised by the dominance of ASICS, I would say that ASICS had 75% share of the Central Park runners, Newtons were more represented then I expected and no Vibrams to be seen at all.....I wonder if NYC marathon has an impact as they have ASICS as their main sponsor and a store by Bryant park?

If you re a runner and are planning to visit New York City, Central Park is a most. The park has so much to offer and when you are done with your running or even better do the guided tour by Better Adventures before your run and suck in all the Great spots during your run, I can highly recommend it!

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