Friday, January 4, 2013

100 Days until Boston Marathon

100 days......

Yes it is 100 days left until Boston Marathon. Training has been not more then OK. During the Holidays I was down with a bad cold and could not run for 3 days. Usually I'm not sick and during December 2012 I was down two times.
Im looking forward and I'm optimistic. When Im running it feels really good and part of it is the change to 4mm drop shoes. My legs feels much fresher after my runs and I recover faster. Also the change to running distance-tips coaching is an improvement and we are moving ahead more carefully. So 100 days it is!


  1. Wow, only 100 days left? I haven't notice that since it for a couple of days ago still was 2012. I better start increase my training!

  2. A lot :) Seth has already started his taper....hahaha

  3. sure have! Only 89 miles this week

  4. Uhhh, I hope to peak around those mileage Seth but for now it is apx 65 mile weeks....