Monday, January 7, 2013

My shoe list for 2013

So I'm trying to transition toward a more Midfoot stike. So far so good. My legs feels better, shins fresher and I recover faster after my runs. Part of the transition have been 4mm drop shoes. They have really been working great for me and it seems like 4mm is the sweet spot and the way to go. Since December 2012 I have been using Saucony Kinvara 3 and Skechers GoRun Ride (Review is coming soon). So my list for 2013 will cover 4mm shoes, during 2013 I might try zero drop shoes but at this point I dont see a need for that.

In no particular order:
  • Saucony  Fastwitch 6 ( Runningwarehouse sneak peak). Saucony has shaved of apx 1oz of Fastwitch 5. It come naturally to me to go with the same brand as my to go shoe Kinvara. ame drop and hopefully same feeling. The 6th edition carry over the midsole unit from 5. The changes are in the upper. Lighter mesh and Sauconys Flexfilm technology. Fastwitch 6 comes in right under 7 oz, release date early Feb 2013 . 

  • Pearl Izumi E:motion N1. PI's new running shoe line I have presented earlier here on the blog. The dynamic offset sounds really interesting to me, but a big question is what the really heel drop is. Not that it really matter if you really have a mid foot strike, but I believe it has for me as I'm in the middle of a transition. On my blog you can find most of the Emotion and N1 information here: . Ni is the one I have my eyes on and it might be a Boston Marathon 2013contender.........

  • Skechers Go Run 2 has already been released. Now with a less aggressive Midfoot strike "bump". The pods on the outsole has been remodeled in order to collect less pebbles during your run. Both this upgrades are very welcomed by me. The upper has also been a updated. I'm very impressed by my Skechers GoRun Ride and its upper. The upper has a sock like feeling and it snugs your foot perfectly. If they have succeed to do an even better upper on the GoRun 2 the shoe might be a 2013 best shoe contender!

  • Skechers Go Speed/ Go Meb. What! Skechers gets two shoes on the list! yes that is right! While other shoe companies are laughing at Skechers, they better start to take Sketcher seriously. Skechers will take shares on the market for sure. By adding Mebs Olympic racer to the line, they will have a more complete performance shoe line with five really good shoes. Not much info has leek about racer but it was on Meb's feet during the London Olympics 2012, placing fourth and best American! Some info here from runblogger: Another contender for Boston Marathon for me, if it gets released in time. Skechers says April for the release.

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