Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Smartwool Compression Review

Smartwool Compression Review

PhD Run Graduated Compression Light
Smartwool has been a favourite brand for a long time but their new Phd sock I reviewed a while ago was a bit disappointing, review here: http://runningswede.blogspot.com/2013/02/smartwool-phd-run-ultra-light-mini.html
I do believe Smartwool is getting there thing right with the new compression sock....

Fit: I had some issues with the ultra light version of the running sock. The compression sock has the same sock, but with the compression version I get a much improved fit! The sock part has the nice Smartwool feel I'm used to and I do not get the sloppy impression I got with the sock. Although the fit is great I still believe Smartwool can approve it with a Left/Right version of the sock. The wool mix does not itch and they offers you a "comfy" feel. The sock itself has Smartwools new :4 Degree Elite Fit System that uses two elastics for greater stretch and recovery to keep the sock in place" The sock really stays in place and as mentioned above I feel that the Compression sock fit better then the sock I reviewed. The socks has passed all the tests i ve done. Tempo runs, Intervals and long endurance runs. he socks has stayed up at all the times.
The socks offer " Strategically placed mesh ventilation zones provide ventilation for temperature and moisture management" I have logged many miles with Smartwool and they work great in all conditions, 365 days of the year.

Compression: Smartwool uses a 20-30 mmHg graduated compressio, but for what size of the calfs? This is where most sock companies goes wrong. My calf measures 13 inches, does the sock offer the same compression for a guy with measurement 10? Probably not. Lucky enough the compression feels just right for me. I feel a snug fit and a "comfy" compression with these socks.

Durablity: As with all compression socks the big test comes after a few washes. Smartwool pass the test, although the wool tends to look a bit "scruffy". The compression and form stays the same and the socks continues to preform well during my runs.

Over All: Smartwool really gets it right here. The fit is improved compare to the Smartwool sock I have reviewed earlier. If you're looking for a comfy compression sock that works great in all weather conditions you don't have to look any further then Smartwool. The sock comes in many different colors, wool socks does not have to be boring! Room for improvements are Right/Left specific sock although the fit is great. Also the measurement system should be shoe size and calf size for a more reliable fit for all.
Disclaimer: The product was given to me for free and I haven’t been compensated in any other way by the company. The review is straight up based on my opinions on the product and it has not been controlled or affected by the company mentioned in any way.

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