Thursday, March 28, 2013

Mizuno Wave Evo Ferus and Ascend 8

Mizuno has lot of stuff going on this upcoming summer! As mentioned before they are releasing the brand new Sayonara with the new light compound UI4C.

Mizuno also follow up their 0mm drop EVO line with a Trail version called Ferus. A really smart move from  Mizuno. Lot of  trail runners dig the features of a  minimalistic drop shoe, and for those runners Ferus should be on the list. Earlier you have not seen Mizuno as much at the trail racers but I believe you will see the bright yellow one over the summer for sure!

Also to mention, if you are not into the lower drop shoe category......Mizuno is also releasing an update on the Ascend. Ascend is a light weight trail trainer, with some supportive features. Kind of close to the road version Elixir. On the 8 edition Mizuno has updated the traction and upper for better fit. Ascend 8 comes of course in nice colors (with some SWE colors)!

Mizuno is stepping it up when it comes to trail running shoes. With Ferus and Ascend 8 they will cover most of the Trail runners needs this Summer!

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