Thursday, March 7, 2013

Polar RC3 GPS V.2

One of the reason why I got rid of my Polar RC3 GPS was because of the lack of reading altitude, a big no go in my opinion. Polar has now realized its mistake and released a new color with this update:

"Polar RC3 GPS shows altitude data it receives from the Global Positioning System (GPS). To show altitude at the beginning of a training session, the monitor needs to be connected to a minimum of 6 satellites. During training, the number of connected satellites can be fewer but if the number goes down to 0, RC3 GPS will again need the minimum of 6 satellites to re-establish altitude."

For those who bought the first edition an update is possible....For a Fee!!!! Come on Polar, face your mistake and do it right! Offer the update for free!!!

You can upgrade your RC3 GPS with the altitude feature for a fee. Please contact Polar Central Service in your country for details."



  1. Actually, I'm not sure if it's a good idea to upgrade my RC3, it will become slower and, I guess, its memory will get full easier...

  2. Hey.
    Just talked to Polar about same issue. They are now upgrading for free.
    Brgds Søren

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