Thursday, March 7, 2013

Polar RC3 GPS V.2

One of the reason why I got rid of my Polar RC3 GPS was because of the lack of reading altitude, a big no go in my opinion. Polar has now realized its mistake and released a new color with this update:

"Polar RC3 GPS shows altitude data it receives from the Global Positioning System (GPS). To show altitude at the beginning of a training session, the monitor needs to be connected to a minimum of 6 satellites. During training, the number of connected satellites can be fewer but if the number goes down to 0, RC3 GPS will again need the minimum of 6 satellites to re-establish altitude."

For those who bought the first edition an update is possible....For a Fee!!!! Come on Polar, face your mistake and do it right! Offer the update for free!!!

You can upgrade your RC3 GPS with the altitude feature for a fee. Please contact Polar Central Service in your country for details."



  1. Actually, I'm not sure if it's a good idea to upgrade my RC3, it will become slower and, I guess, its memory will get full easier...

  2. Hey.
    Just talked to Polar about same issue. They are now upgrading for free.
    Brgds Søren

  3. In the end, the big question is whether Garmin can renew the innovative spirit that earned it such strong results early in its existence. If it can't, then it'll be a good reminder of how near-perfect stocks can fall from grace in a hurry.

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