Monday, April 27, 2015

Boston Marathon 2015 Gear Overview

Boston  Marathon is done and in the books. I'm extremely happy with my time of 2:57:53, a new personal best. I did not reach the goal of 2:55 but with the weather in mind I take that! Heavy rain for 20 miles (rain started at apx mile 6) puts your shoes and socks to a test for sure. Here is a list and "mini reviews" of what I used:

Salming Speed V.2  2015 edition of Speed is pretty much the same shoe as last years. Toe box has been redesigned and outsole rubber has been improved. During Boston Marathon my feet were secured and locked down. I did not experience any chafing. Feet were soak wet pretty much the whole race but still I was blister free. Speed offered me the protection I need when form might not be the best the last 6 miles. I got the "pop" feeling from the shoes all the way to Boylston Street. Normal I see a lot of wear on my shoes after a marathon, this was not the case this time. Salming has done a great job with the new rubber compound. Here is my original review of Salming Speed:

Salming shorts and singlet. Shorts has more traditional cut and design. I was afraid they would be to long, but they were actually perfect. Lightweight and breathable.
Singlet has a traditional design. Offers  breathable material and cool design. Did not have any problems with chafing.

For socks I used Feetures! Elite socks. Again a really important part when you run in horrible rainy conditions and your feet are soak wet. Feetures! Elite offer a tight compression feel and they keep your feet blister free. I prefer the Ultra Light version for races, they give me a fast feel and I prefer to have a road feel when I run. Feetures! Ultra Light gives me that feeling.

I decided late to use compression sleeves. Most to keep my calves warm from the rain. Recofit offers a great compression and are very light weight, you barley know that they are there and they worked great with the rain. Did not get heavy.

Energy drink:
Skratchlabs works great for me and my sensitive stomach. Extra plus is that they are a "real food" company! Thanks to support from family I was able to get two bottles along the course. Mile 6 and 14. As Ive been using Skratchlabs for all my training its a great option to get your own drinks along the course. SkratchLabs offer great natural taste and energy!

Another "Real food company" Huma Gel. Great taste and works great with my stomach. This year I use a fuel plan tested out during Copenhagen Marathon. 2 gels before race, then start at 40min mark to take one gel every 20min. That is a lot of gel to take, but Ive been training with this strategy and Huma has been great. I used all different flavors but used Lemon with caffeine for my last two gels. Great natural tasting flavors. Huma gel is the only gel I can feel the difference with. And every time I use Huma Ive been breaking Sub3. I think I will continue using them.

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