Thursday, May 7, 2015

Salming North America

 Salming US are making some changes, Salming Squash and Floorball will now joinf Salming Running here in US and North America. Maybe I should pick up my old career as a floorball player and certified coach. Floorball is something I  have always enjoyed. Its a really fast and technical game. Hopefully Salming will help the sport to grow here in US!

Press Release

Salming USA Inc will take over the operations of Clutch Sports Co. & FloorballPro in order to strengthen their position and be better equipped for future challenges. Salming US Inc, which so far focused on Salming Running venture in the US are now joined with the brand of indoor activities to date has been driven distributor based in both Canada and the United States of Clutch Sports Co. & FloorballPro's founder Juha Mikkola.

 "We are proud to bring together Salming increasingly growing Running collection with the brand's successful indoor-products under one roof," says Tor Swensson, CEO of Salming United States, and continues "The brand Salming growing stronger in North America in all its business areas and this merger will enable us to meet a growing demand for running, squash and hockey, "concludes Tor.
"We have worked hard to get Salming brand to grow in the indoor-categories since 2004," says Juha Mikkola "We have had great success and Salming is today the world leader in hockey and is one of the fastest growing brands in the squash market. I look forward against the onward journey, and to be working with Salming experienced global team is incredibly inspiring, "concludes Juha.
Tomas Solin, CEO Salming Sports, commented restructuring this;
"The strengthening and restructuring of our North American operations is in line with what we are doing on both the Swedish and German markets, which creates clarity and focus at every level"

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