Monday, April 6, 2015

2 weeks and Salming USA

Last week was a really busy week for me. On Wednesday my best friend from Sweden came to visit us. Really great to catch up and show them out area, incl Woodstock. On top of that Easter was this weekend with a family dinner. So I cramped in my 2 work outs that Coach Caleb had on the schedule on Monday and Wednesday morning. With the peak training, Im cutting down the mileage and are doing some turn over work outs and marathon pace mileage. The rest of the week I tried to get my easy runs in, before everyone woke up. I was up at 5AM, and wow that was tiring for me. I struggled to hit paces under 8. I think it was a combination of the darkness and being tired. It felt like the effort was more like 7-ish but looking at my watch, it was more 8+. It was a bit confusing and at times frustrating.
For turnover this week, I did a 15X30 sec strides, with 30sec recovery.
Marathon Pace was a long run, 15 miles with 5 miles marathon pace.

Last week my race gear came in. Shoes and clothing. Looks good. it gives me 2 full weeks to break in my shoes and try out the gear!

For Boston I will use Salming Speed!

Not sure about the color of singlet, both colors I got looks really great!:

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