Friday, January 31, 2014

Skechers GoMeb Speed2 Review

Last year I was all set for Boston Marathon, shoe of choice was Saucony Fastwitch6. I had no doubt that Fastwitch6 was going to be the greatest flat for me. Enough of protection in a lightweight package. I have a small obsession for racing flats I have to admit, so I had been keeping my eyes open for Skechers GoMeb Speed. Anyone who has an interest in racing flats should have, it was #4 at the London 2012 Olympics. One problem, it was not going to be released in time for Boston Marathon. I contacted Skechers Running Division and asked about release date and they responded "we can send you a pair for you to try, plenty a time before Boston Marathon" Since I got the my first pair of GoMeb Speed, I  have never looked back and I did set a new PB at Boston Marathon. So of course I get a bit worried when Skechers Running Division announce that they are going to release GoMeb Speed2 at the NYC Marathon expo only 7 months after the first edition was released!
NYC Limited Edt

Whats New:
The GoMeb Speed2 carry over the same midsole unit, no changes here. You will get the same firm, responsive ride. The big changes are the upper and the tongue. The weight is a bit lighter size 9 comes in right under 7oz at 6.8oz

To break it down:

No changes here. You will get the same firm responsive ride. What impressed me most during Boston marathon is how I really could feel the energy the shoe was giving back. I really needed it when my form and legs started to get fatigue in the end. I had to dig deep last to miles and I remeber how great the shoe responded.  The Resalyt Midsole is a lightweight injection-molded compound with memory retention helps absorb impact. (from Skecher website). The Stability plate in the midfoot secure the run and gives you a bit of support. Also it gives you a faster transition to toe off.

Upper: and Fit
Here is the big update. The upper is now almost seamless, with printed overlays. The material is firmer mesh that really snugs your feet. The printed overlays gives you a bit of support but really the mesh itself hugs your feet really well. With GoMeb Speed2 you have to be careful with your sizing to get the snug feel. With my normal size 9.5, I had way to much mesh in the forefoot, it folded unnaturally during my workouts. I would say its the down side of using almost only one piece of mesh to create the whole upper. After sizing down a half size the fit was perfect! The tongue has now more structure and wont create and hot spots or folds, great update. The laces is something I personally often switch out quick. For the GoMeb Speed2 I used Sure laces to improve the fit.

I'm happy to find the same energetic and responsive ride with GoMeb Speed2. The upper has a greater snug feel that really raps you foot great, if you get the right size. The sizing of GoMeb Speed2 is the key for the upper technology and mesh features. You really want to lock down your feet to avoid the spare mesh that could be an issue in the front. If you get the right size you have nothing to worry about the upper update is great. Many runners had an issues with the tongue on Speed1. Skechers Performance Division paid attention and di a great job. It gives protection on top of your feet and will not fold. Again GoMeb Speed will be on my feet at Boston Marathon,GoMeb Speed2 is a shoe that I can trust and I know will respond well the whole 26.2 miles!




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  1. great review. as a GoSpeed (Meb) fan (i have owned 5 pairs and run 7 marathons) i was looking for a review of the 2 version. looking forward to the day when i can get this great shoe at a discounted price.

  2. I'm very interested in getting this pair, but I'm concerned about which size to get. I really like Go Run 2, in 11.5, but I've also tried Go Run Ride 2, and Go Bionic Ride in 11.5, and they were too big. So, I'm not sure if I should get 11 or 11.5 in the Go Meb 2.

  3. I have worn adios2 for half marathon with no issues and was just wondering how much cushioning the Meb speed 2s will give compared to the adios2. I am running a marathon in 5 weeks and am thinking of buying the mebs. I am a 3 hour marathoner and 145lbs/5'8'. Do the Mebs have enough protection to get me through a full marathon?

  4. I just finished Boston Marathon wearing Speed2. Its a great shoe that will protect you the full 26.2 distance. Actually I feel it really the shoe really shines after 20 mile mark. A bit firmer then Adios 2, it has a "snappier" feeling to it that makes you pop up on your toes quicker. To me Adios2 feel more like a performance trainer, Speed2 really has that fast snug racing flat feeling....