Monday, January 13, 2014

Skechers GoRun3 review

I have to admit, I had a love affair with the Skechers GoRun2. With the GoRun2 I did most of my runs building up toward my Boston Marathon 2013 sub 3 PB. I loved how the GoRun2 kept me low to the ground with superb road feel ( a feeling that I had been looking for, for years), a snug upper that wraps your foot without bells and whistles! So I was a bit worried when I first opened the GoRun3 shoe box. I have now 160 miles in the GoRun3 and I'm convinced, this is for the better!

What has changed and whats new:
The upper is totally redone, without loosing the snug fit over the arch area. The front of the shoe offer now a more airy stretchable mesh. This makes your toes happy as they are able to spread out more. If you play around with the laces you can get a really snug feeling, having all the different mesh styles working together.
With the GoRun3 Skechers offer a 2 in 1 insole. This means that you can choose your drop between 4mm or 8mm. With the 4mm option you get lower to the ground and you have a more road feeling. the 4mm is the option I prefer. With the 8mm option, you lose some of the road and the experience is a more a cushioned ride. Its really a matter of taste, I prefer as I mentioned above the road feel. The road feel is still there with the 8mmm option but you get a much softer and cushioned ride.

To break it down

Mid Sole
GoRun3 carry over the same mid sole console as GoRun2. The difference is the insole and the 2 in 1 option. With 8mm you get a more cushioned feeling and ride. If you take out the insole for the 4mm option you get the same feeling I liked with GoRun2. Great flexible road feeling, you stay close to the ground.

Upper: The upper has been totally redone. Skechers are working with several different mesh styles to give you a secure fit and at the same time giving enough room in the front for your toes to display. This works really well and the different mesh styles almost feel like they were meant for each other. In the front you have the 3 layer Power-prene mesh on front panel. This is a very open mesh. This will most likely be a winner on a warm day but could be cold and trap snow on a cold snowy day. With some smart overlays and a tighter mesh in the arch area, the foot is secured. I was a bit afraid of loosing the sock like feeling you have with GoRun2, but its still there. Nice and smooth feeling but at the same time the foot is locked down.

Fit: Here you have to careful. With the new 2:1 insole sizing might differ for you.  My advice is to try them on and decide what option you like and are going to use. If you take out the insole the shoe will get bigger. Like the old trick my mom used when I was a kid to save a few bucks. Buy to big shoe and slide in an insole and they fit. If you take the insole out the shoe will run bigger.

Performance: With the 4mm option, as mentioned above you get the close to the ground feeling. Very responsive without being mushy. If you like to pick up the paces the shoe respond well and gives a lot of energy back. I find the 4mm option being a very fun shoe to do work outs in. For me the 4mm option is enough to go the full 26.2, but if you don't thing it s enough you can choose the 8mm option as it feel like more shoe under your foot. Still with a very responsive and energetic ride.

Sum Up: I was  afraid at first but the GoRun3 is a great update to GoRun2. GoRun3 feels more like a complete shoe, still without loosing the feeling from GoRun2. GoRun3 offers a new 2 in 1 insole system. When you try them on be careful with you sizing. With GoRun3 a have a shoe that I can use for all my workouts toward my goals 2014. And for the price of $80 you get the best valued running shoe on the market!

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  1. I'm looking forward to the GR3 after running in the GR2 for sometime now. However, I wish that they would have kept the zero drop/4mm drop option instead of 4mm/8mm. I like the feel of the insole in the GR2, but I like the 4mm drop. I feel the same way about the new Go Run Ultra. I run in it without the insole so that it is 4mm, but it makes for a very roomy shoe, and doesn't have the slipper-like feel of the GR2.

  2. I had posted the same comment on runblogger and I was corrected. Apparently the GR2 had a zero drop insole. So it was a 4mm drop shoe with a flat insole. Just wanted to correct my mistake for any other readers out there. That being said I still wish that there was a 4mm option with an insole both from a volume perspective and because I feel creases in the GRU when I run without the insole.

  3. I can't find the men's version of this shoe where I live. Do you think i'll have any problems running in the women's version? Are there such crucial differences?

  4. You have to try em on on, its a slight difference when it comes to size. Womens are a bit narrower...