Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Boston Training

About 8 weeks to go and finally I feel I'm on the right way. About a month ago, jogging home from a workout, I started to feel tight in my left hamstring. Did not think much about it until the next day when went out for a recovery run. Again it started to cramp up around mile 5, this time more painful. I decided to stop and walk back home....Following day, same tightness and cramp but even more painful. After talking to Caleb I decided to take a few days off, doing some cross training, a few days became two weeks...but I'm back running again. I was afraid that I had hamstring tendinitis and a good bye to Boston Marathon but in the end it was "probably" just a small pull. It really started to ease up once I started to use trigger point massage. So what did I learn from this one? Well during the first winter months I got to lazy and stopped with my core work outs. That could be the most important reason. So now I'm not skipping the core stuff, plus I have added some hamstring work outs, to strengthen up does puppies!

Where is the Sun!

The last month the weather has been brutally cold and it has been snow storm after snow storm. Usually I do all my training out side, but this winter I have been at a gym three times so far. basically because I want to make sure I get the right quality in. Freezing poring rain and -13 is not really great weather for mile repeats!

This weekend I did a charity race at the local gym. 13.1 on treadmill. I knew before hand that the biggest battle would be the mind game being stuck on the treadmill. The goal of the day was to keep marathon pace 6:45 ish. I ended up doing 6:44, with a push last few miles. I have started to break in a pair of Skechers GoMeb Speed2, great fast shoe, that I will use at Boston Marathon. Also I was using brand new Feetures! socks. I have to say, its like the GoMenbs and Feetures! was meant for each other. What a great combo! It was a great effort going in to this work out with rough legs and I got a great week in.

This week will be more Boston Specific work outs!

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