Thursday, February 16, 2017

Salming 2017 Overview


Salming enRoute Men

enRoute: This is an awesome addition to the Salming  line.  Very lightweight, yet with premium cushioning. Incredible dual density midsole makes for a very responsive and snappy ride. The only shoe available in multiple colors.  High recommend.  Size up half size in the enRoute!


Salming Miles Men
Miles: This is our heaviest shoe,and robust. Despite this the Recoil midsole material offers a great energy return and a pop feeling. You can easy pick up pace with Miles, it feels lighter on the run.  Any Florida Gator fans out there will love the men’s color scheme.  Great daily trainer, you will get upwards of 600-1000 miles in this shoe.
Salming Distance D5 Men
 Distance D5: The Distance is the shoe that put us on the map, after being named the 2014 Runner’s World Best Debut.  Check out reviews of the D4 for an idea of how this shoe will perform, D4 for was more of a preformance trainer. Some tweak on the upper, with a wider toebox. D5 could be your best friend on marathon day.  Great trainer or race day shoe.

Salming Speed 5 Men

Speed 5: The Speed received a complete makeover this year, and it now is without question my favorite shoe in the lineup. I have used both Speed 2 and 3 as my Boston shoe and are looking forward to again use Speed for this year. Now with the new Recoil midsole, that will give extra energy return.
Salming Race 5 Men

Race 5: This shoe will get you noticed, especially at night with its completely reflective upper.  Great for tempo work or those 5k – 10k races. In the past some of our elite ambassadors have worn it during marathons.

Salming Trail T3 Men

Trail T3: Great all terrain and all round trail shoe. Very sticky grip but can be used on just about any surface, including asphalt.  The T3 was designed to keep water out.
Salming Elements Men

Elements: A more robust trail shoe with a very aggressive tread.  Best for OCR, single track trail races.  Designed to let water out. Drains exceptionally well.


  1. Great rundown Stefan! One of these days I will have the opportunity to lace up a pair of Salmings and find out for myself what all the fuss is about! :)

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