Monday, March 2, 2015

Winter Sum up

Well the winter is not over yet, but January and February are in the books. These two months have been brutally cold and windy. This has taken a real big piece of motivation out of me but in the end I have stayed positive and now I'm leaving  the cold winter behind me.

A little bit about the training. Last year I had huge back to back hamstring issues, and I did not have enough miles in miles legs for Boston. This year I have been lucky (knock, knock) with my hamstrings but was down three days with a bad stomach virus. I also had an accident loading our wood burning stove, I dropped the steamer and got all the burning hot water on my right foot. Leaving me with second degree burns and blisters. Two weeks of bandaged foot but I hit all of my miles and work outs. Foot looks better now but it was scary nasty looking for a while!

Winter Running

Coach Caleb ( has been for this Boston training been focusing on two work outs per week, which gives me plenty of runs to get recover every week. Target miles has been 75 but I plan to hit 80+ weeks for March. as said above the winter has been cold and work outs been extra tough, with all the extra clothing, chilly temps and really strong cold winds. Some days/work outs it has been almost impossible to hit the paces. The effort is there but it has been frustrating that you re not hitting the planned pace. I have added my Strava site on the side bar menu if you like to follow my training.
Salming Running Vest

Gear, as Im a Salming Running ambassador, I have been using their clothing and shoes this winter. On the top I have been using the UltraLite Jacket. A really nice light jacket that breaths well and at the same time blocks the winds. I cant say enough of good things about the this jacket! If it gets really cold, I add the Running Vest on top of the jacket. The Vest can also be used for safety as it comes in a bright yellow color with added reflex printings. This solution has kept me happy warm all winter.
Check out the Jackets here:
On my feet I always put my trust in wool, and for the best fit I use Feetures! Elite wool socks. They alsways keep my feet warm, no matter what!

Hopefully weather gets better and we can get some #nononsense speed in!


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