Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Week 5-6 left

The weather is finally warmer, still a bit cold in the morning but you don't need 3 layers of clothes. In fact I have done my first run, wearing shorts, felt great!

 It such a big difference when you start to strip off your clothes. You feel refreshed and everything feels lighter, pace, climbs etc. I always get worried during the winter months when its hard to hit the paces I expect to hit. Some of the runs its so cold, you have ton of clothes and the winds hits you like a bitch slap straight in the face, you just have to go by effort. But its a mind game when you get home and you check your paces. Dang! 30 sec to slow.....Now, when the temps are better, the pace and speed is there! The winter always make me stronger and its feels easy when the spring actually arrives! The 6 week left to Boston was a beast, 8 mile marathon pace over hills, followed up by a 22 miler 2 days later.
The 8 Miler MP got a bit gnarly in the end as I did it in strong winds and over hills. For the 22 miler it was steady pace 7:23, with some warm up drills. Again trying out my fuel plan for Boston. 2 Gels before, 1 gel after 40 min, then gel every 20 min. Works great for me, no stomach issues.

I'm happy to announce that I'm again is a Feetures! sock ambassador! Great socks that can handle any weather (wool) and you can chose the cush you like! http://feeturesrunning.com/

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