Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Sore Hammie....

So for the last couple of days I have been off running. Last Thursday I had mile repeats X 4 scheduled. I have been feeling a bit tired after the Steamtown marathon but nothing really off. After the 8 mile Chilli trail run, my Hamstrings were beat up, but again I didnt think it was anything to worry about. The hamstrings has been a bit tight since the trail race, but I wanted to keep the momentum and not loose to much training before I hit my Boston training again.
So after a warm up with our dog Tess, I started up my intervals. The plan was to keep half marathon pace, around 6:10. First repeat went well and I kept the pace good. About 4 min in to the second repeat, my right hamstring tighten up fast, I did not even have time to stop then BOOM. I almost fell. It was like a cut straight in to my right hamstring. I knew immediately that this was not good and started to walk. I have been icing a bit now after but 4 days later I can still feel some tightness.

Well needed rest in Vermont

This week will most likely be a complete rest week from running. Im going to try some biking and core exercise to keep legs going.....

Learning by doing! Listen to your body, my hamstrings were clearly not happy and rested after the Marathon and Trail run.....


  1. Some rest is always good. Hope the hamstrings eases up soon!

  2. hope all heals up well soon! your body will thank you for the time off for sure.