Thursday, May 2, 2013

New Goals

Its more then two weeks after Boston and the feelings are still bitter sweet. Its kind of hard to digest all impressions. With a new personal best its time to move on and set up new goals. I have started very slowly to amp up my mileage, picking up paces at times. Nothing major at this time. The legs has responded pretty well to it but of course they are tired. Motivation after Boston has been very low, kind of feel drained after the race and the terror attack. Sure thing the bombers got the message out, Its just to sad they got more publicity then the winners of the marathon.
Lelisa Desisa and Rita Jeptoo winners of Boston Marathon 2013

 For the spring and summer I will do some local 5K's and the Poconos Red Cross marathon as a part of a relay team. Team Space Running powered by SKECHERS has a great chance to win the mixed category of the relay.
As a part of SKECHERS ambassador program I will have the opportunity to try some new shoes. The last couple of days I have been using the new GoRun Ride 2. Very nice cushioned ride for easier and longer days. As soon as I have some more mileage on them I will post a review.

With the new PB 2:59:47, I do believe I'm ready for a sub 2:55. With the support from SKECHERS performance Division, if I can stay healthy over the summer, and with some good coaching.
 Possible marathons for the fall are Steamtown (very fast marathon) and NYC.

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