Tuesday, May 14, 2013

5K's and Poconos Marathon

The 5K season has started here in NJ for sure. In Sussex County were I'm located they have a few good ones so I have been able to get to ones in already. Cinco De Mayo 5K in Lafayette two weekends ago and this past weekend Dora Pederson 5K. I never been a good 5K runner and without any 5K speed training, they have been a bit painful for my lungs. Add the allergies season comes with the start of the 5K season as well. The grass kind of bothers me and the breathing during higher speed does not feel smooth and comfortable. last week I also strained my quad, it does not effect my speed but it tightens up a little bit. Ive been able to place second and third but not been happy with my times. I should be able to get in a sub 18 pretty soon when legs and lungs has recovered. For the 5K's I have been using my SKECHERS GoRun Speed. Its not only a great marathon shoe, it works fantastic as a 5K shoe as well. They give back ton of energy and the respond is amazing.
This weekend Poconos Marathon is coming up. I will be doing it as part of a relay team, Team Space Running. We will compete in the co ed category, the goal is to win the category and break sub 3 as a team. Last year I ran the full Poconos Marathon and it was around 90 degrees, hopefully the weather is a bit kinder to us this year. The course is very scenic and has a lot downhills. It should be a fast one. I'm not sure how my legs and lungs will respond to this one. Hopefully I can log my half around 1:22.

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