Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Boston 2011

Its over and I'm still smiling. True I was aiming for a sub 3 marathon, but when looking back at the race it was nothing I could have done differently. My finish time was 3:01:51. I guess you need some kind of luck at the start. This year the start was extremely slow despite the fact that they had three start waves. I was unable to find my pace and get into racing zone. To much zig zag through the bunch. My splits were good, but the lie. Sometimes I had 6:00 pace, sometimes 7:00pace. It cost to much energy to run like that and as a result Heartbreak Hill ate me alive, and I had to jogg the last 6 miles 7:30 pace ish. Also it was a hot day. I fueled up as planned, to bags of UCAN generation, two Choc9 gels and salt pills. The weather was great but to hot for me, I ended up taking salt pills every 30 min. Energy wise, it all worked really well. The Chocolate # 9 gels gave the extra energy when I needed it and my energy levels were steady. And most important of all, no GI crash after the race. My family was amazed how alert I was compared to last year. Thanks to UCAN and Chocolate #9. I have a new Boston Qualifier time and I will be back next year for a sub 3.

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