Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Blame the Canadians! Sugoi.....

Craft has always been a brand Ive been using, since I took over my dads old Craft base layer, mid 80's. I still use the same base layer from time to time and that is maybe the best grade you can get.....still going strong..
But for my Boston Marathon 2011 I'll be using a different brand. Since i moved over to USA I got introduced to the Canadian brand Sugoi Ive been using Sugoi for a couple of years now, and I'm really impressed, especially with their winter gear and jackets. Sugoi has kept me warm and dry for the important winter Boston training for the second year in a row, with some help from Craft ;)
For Boston I will wear the RsR singlet and Jack shorts, both are very light and breathable and with a tasteful design. I was hoping to use Sugoi knee socks as well, but the size did not work out for me this time (to thin legs or to big feet, your pick)but I will wear the compression sock. So hopefully Sugoi will give the extra push to finally do a Sub 3 marathon!www.sugoi.com

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