Monday, March 24, 2014

Boston Tune Up.....

Did the Miles for Music 20K over the weekend. Had some hamstring issues prior to the race, after my mid-week work out, I felt a some pressure point in right hamstring. Nothing big but they were there. I took a couple of easy days and thought I would be able to do Miles for Music 20K. I did warm and felt that I could give it a push, felt some tightness but nothing to worry about. Legs really good, plan was to start at marathon pace and work down to half marathon pace. At start it was very cold and windy. I started up well paces around 6:35 ish. I had no problems controlling the pace, I started to work down toward half marathon pace. Unfortunately at 7.5 mile mark, my hamstring had enough and started to cramp up a bit. I decided to play it safe and called it a day. At this point I started to hunt down runners in front of me and I felt really good. Legs extremely good and no problems with pace.

A couple of x-training days now and I will be all fit to do the last push toward Boston Marathon.
Great to feel good legs, but not really happy about taking a few days off at this point. Hopefully I can keep current form with smart recovery and cross training!



  1. nice job, and smart choices stefan! what's your goal at boston this year?

  2. I've been training for 2:55, but with all the obstacles and road bumps this winter, I'm just happy to get to Boston in one piece....