Friday, August 2, 2013

July 2013

What a brutal month of July! Smoking hot and super humid. This made the running extra hard and you had to plan your runs carefully. I have loaded up on salt tabs and been doing short loops in order to pass by water, brook and a pool and get the chance to cool off Lot of quality and I was able to complete all my scheduled runs. 296 Miles completed in July. Now we move on with the SteamTown Marathon Training, hopefully August offers some cooler weather. Weapon of choice for July has been Skechers GoRun Speed (for all tempo/interval runs) Skechers GoRun2 (Longer workouts) Skechers GoRun Ride (Recovery mood). Also a wear test Skechers GoBionic2.....All shoes has performed fantastic, feet has not been over heated and they have drained my soaked feet from sweat well!
Hot Dog at Flatbrook, water stop!

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